Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What to Blog About, What to Blog About…..How About YOU Pick!

In the past I have always kept a list of things I wanted to blog about.  Lately that list is getting smaller and smaller (especially after over 4 years of blogging) and so I am spreading my posts out to make that list last longer.  Basically, I feel like I am slowly running out of things to blog about. 

So in an attempt to add some new topics to my post list it got me thinking, how about I ask YOU what you would like me to blog about!  Yep, the posts for this blog are under your control and I will post about anything you want!

I thought this may be fun, especially as over the last year or so I have had the privilege of meeting some fantastic new people on the blogs who may want to know more about me. (I mean, who wouldn’t.)  Do you want me to post a funny story, is there anything you would like to know about me, questions you have been curious to ask, do you want to talk politics, science, religion, want to talk about my thoughts on ANYTHING….seriously I am an open book and loooooove to talk about all that stuff! 

See I like to talk about pretty much anything, but don’t always do it for fear to offend someone or because people may find it to be boring.  But I honestly like to know what my friends who read this blog enjoy reading about! So let me know!

Yes, it is a bit of an unusual request…..but hey, I am a bit unusual!

And if no one really has anything they want me to blog about, that is cool too and I will not take it personally.  I will just assume that my blog is that cool and maybe write a post about how cool me and my blog are!

So share your thoughts!!


  1. I think you have some AMAZING thoughts on the legalization of marijuana issue... like put it in the newspaper good. I'd love to read a political post of yours.

  2. AW, why thank you...that is a nice compliment!! I am glad you liked what I said :)

    I love political posts, mainly because I enjoy when others give their civil and differing opinions. I have one brewing but am not always sure how things like that will be received. I will have to post it now!! :)

  3. Fun!

    1.) How, when and where did you and Terry meet? (I don't know and I'm curious!)

    2.) I agree about a political post

    3.) More craft project posts! Your photo board post was so great!

    4.) Christmas decorations post! I want to see pictures (just make sure it's after Halloween, okay?)

    5.) Terry-isms! Those always make me laugh!