Friday, October 15, 2010

Talk To Me – Shave and a Hair Cut......

(Anyone who finished that title in song then  I love you and will give you a hug when I see you.)

So let us talk haircuts and shaving, shall we?!

So first I would like to know how often do you get a haircut?  Please include whether your hair is long or short, as this does make a difference in the length of time between cuts.

I will start…I have long hair and I get my hair cut twice a year.  

GASP!   WHAT?!  You are suppose to get a haircut every 6 WEEKS not every 6 MONTHS.  

Oops. My bad.

It is not like I plan that twice a year I will shamefully walk into the salon, horrible split ends and all, to get my hairs cut.  It just kinda happens that way.  I honestly do NOT think about getting my hair cut most of the year, oh yeah and I don’t want to spend $30-$40 each time either.  I wear my hair pulled back 95% of the time so I really do not THINK…hey, you may need to cut those hairs.  It isn’t until my hair has noticeably bad split ends, I have absolutely NO shape or style to my hair whatsoever, or there is a specific reason I want to get my hair cut that I actually think about getting it done. 

So Jenn, do you have specific times during the year for your two cuts? 

Good question and yes.  Like I said, though I do not plan it, I usually want to get my hair cut around my birthday in April (I am sure you already knew my birth date) and in the fall before the holidays. I want to look even better than I already do around those times (it is hard, but possible).  And the good thing is that it just so happens to work out because that would put my haircuts about 6 months apart! Perfect.

This past April when I got my hairs cut I tried to explain to my concerned hairdresser why I didn’t think it was that bad that I waited 6 months (sometimes longer) in-between haircuts.  I explained that I only wash my hair twice a week, I use a soy leave-in conditioner after I wash my hair, I hardly use additional products in my hair, and I hardly ever dry my hair with a hair dryer or put heat to it.  I felt she would understand and agree that I was doing the right thing.  Instead she adamantly disagreed with my logic.  Though I still find my logic to be very sound.

I know for healthier hair I should probably go more frequently to get a haircut, like 3 times a year, however I just don’t.  I think until I find a style that needs maintained or I have shorter hair, I will not even think about getting a haircut….unless of course someone can give me a good reason like your hair will all fall out if you don’t get it cut more often!  Until then, it is twice a year.

And as my title suggested, let’s have a quick conversation about shaving.


There. Done.

Ok, not really…

I do not shave my legs every day and IF I shave them once a week, then it is a productive week. 

I love the feeling of smooth legs but strongly dislike that stubble feeling a day or two after shaving.  So my choice is either don’t shave very often to avoid stubble or shave every day for smooth.  And as I hate taking time EVERY SINGLE DAY to shave, I just don’t.  Plus, in the winter it is annoying because literally 10 seconds after getting out of the shower that stubble appears on my legs because of the cold…not worth it.

Twopretzels wrote a blog awhile back about how there is just SO much we do to maintain our appearance that it can be too much sometimes.  And I agree.  Not like I do too much already, but adding one more daily task just seems ridiculous. Something has to give, and sometimes that something is smooth legs.  And really, who am I trying to impress….definitely not Terry.

So am I just being lazy by not shaving my legs everyday? Yes, I sort of am. But I also feel it is just A LOT to do on a daily basis.

So in summation…I only get my hair cut twice a year and I don’t shave my legs. Dude, I am SUCH a CATCH

So how often do you get your hair cut and how often do you think you should you get your hair cut?  And how often do you shave and do you feel the need to shave every day? 

Please discuss.


  1. You are a catch! A really hairy one, but a catch nonetheless!

  2. You are not alone...

    I have really long hair and only get it cut probably 2-3 times a year. It's just so expensive and for a trim, just seems worthless. When I notice my hair starting to feel like straw near the ends, or it just has no style, then I get a trim with my normal color. Otherwise, I don't. My hair stylist never says anything about it....if you hair is healthy, why bother???

    I hate shaving my legs too....I shave more often in the summer because I hate feeling them rub together with prickles. In the winter, I'm more of a once a week-er. My husband is LUCK-Y! ;)

  3. I haven't had my hair cut in YEARS!! Every once in a while I get irritated with it and chop a bunch off myself. It's long, curly-ish, I wear it up,and it was DEstroyed by pregnancy and birth, so I just ignore it.

    Shaving can be summed up by "sometimes I dos, sometimes I don'ts."

  4. I hate shaving as well. Even in the summer! True story: It got to the point in the summer when I would just wear a lot of capris, so I'd shave JUST half of my legs, just to wear the capris came up. HAH! Nice! The girls comment on my hairy armpits - they find them hilarious! I do try to maintain them, at least.

    Hair: I got me some high maintenance hair. I used to wear it really short, and I had to get it cut every six weeks. If I went 8 weeks that was too long. Since I started growing it out I could go 8 weeks or more, BUT then I got the bright idea to dye it blonde. So I've been going every six weeks. I have to go that frequently to get the roots touched up.

    I'm due for a hair cut/root touch up like RIGHT NOW but I don't want to spend the money on it! I will have to though, these roots are driving me insane! I'm thinking about going right before Halloween so that I'll be my most beautiful for my most favorite holiday! ;)

  5. I think we may have been separated at (a very hairy) birth.

    I have longish, wavy hair (it used to be very long), and I only get it cut two, MAYBE three, times a year. I wash it at least 3-4 times per week and I do use some product in there, but I never use heating products, so the split ends are generally kept to a minimum. Until it gets super shagtastic, I don't even give it a thought.

    As for shaving: I get a massage once a month, so I just shave before those. So my massage therapist is the only one who gets to appreciate my smooth legs. I have to take care of the 'pits daily, though, or I start to feel mangy.

  6. Mickey D....that was SO SWEET! Thank you :)

    I am glad I am NOT alone in the fight against not shaving or cutting my hair regularly. Hairy Beasts Unit!!! heehee

    W.P. I totally think we were separated at birth due to some strange defect in the space / time continuum. Seriously, we must. We have to be. (She said in a totally non-creepy way.)