Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday TERRY!

Yep, today is the day the world celebrates the birth of my husband!!  (insert applause and cheers!)

The mold was not only broken after Terry, but then ground into dust by the hands of Monks and thrown into the center of the Earth where it was burnt to oblivion at a theoretical temperature of about 10,000 F…..never to be seen of again.  True story.

Now because I wrote a very heart-felt love poem to my husband on our anniversary, I decided to keep today’s post light.  I mean words are a great way to say why you love someone and to celebrate their existence, but pictures….well pictures SHOW you exactly WHY I am happy this specific person was born.

He is very caring and always lends a helping hand or shoulder to those who need it.  
 Plus he pulls off tie-dye like no one else.

He has sweet sweet dance moves.

He has the face of an angel....and the attitude to match.

He is actually very neat and orderly and likes everything to be in its place. 
(Towels folded – check. Christmas decorations up all year round – check.  Nothing out of order – check.  Good thing he married me….too much neatness is a bad thing.)

He is a VERY hard worker and a fantastic handyman. 
(And has a nice ass too...a little more to the left babe.  Niiice.)

He likes to stay physically fit.

He always cooperates when asked to do something. 
And of course loves getting his picture taken.

He is always prepared for whatever the world may throw at him.

He will always be a kid at heart and doesn’t take life too seriously. 
And he has amazing hair!

He is always appreciative and thankful.

He has THE BEST laugh EVER. Seriously. This is a FACT. 
And when he smiles and laughs it is contagious….
I am not even immune to it and I have tried everything.

Yep, he is pretty darn awesome.

On a side note: Some would say between the two of us it is almost too much awesomeness….
and I would agree.   
But fortunately we somehow manage….together.

And for those reasons and sooooooo many more, I am required by the contract of our marriage to say, I am SO very glad you were born and I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday.  Which I am pretty sure you will because I am cooking for you.


I love you xoxo  


  1. Jenn, you're just adorable. I'd say your husband is one lucky man.

    Happy Birthday to him :)

  2. Aww! Happy Birthday Terry! Have an Iron Maiden sort of day!

  3. Happy Birthday Terry! Those pics were great!!

  4. This is a GREAT post. I LOVED the photo stroll.


    Terry - I hope you had a GREAT birthday!

  5. Hahahaha! This is TOO CUTE.