Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

- So help me if I eat one more cookie or candy bar I am going to scream at myself and then burst. I have had way too many sweets the past two weeks and I just feel gross. Sweets, I forbid you from entering my house… least until Thanksgiving.

- If our little Kitties don’t straighten up and stop being so damn ornery I am going to have to call my blog Wrestling Goldfish instead of Wrestling Kitties!

- Terry-ism:
Me: "Do you want a piece of gum?"
T.: "No. I am trying to quit."
Me: “You are trying to quit chewing gum?"
T.: “Yeah, I am trying to quit chewing gum by smoking cigarettes.”
Me: “Really? By smoking.”
T.: “Yeah, that gum stuff is bad for you and such a disgusting habit.”
(While I wish he didn’t smoke, it is hilarious that he makes fun of it!)

- We have been at 80% capacity on our DVR for the last 2 months.  We will watch a bunch of stuff then as soon as we watch something, something else is recording.  Some may say that means we watch way too much TV.  I think it means we need a 3rd DVR.

- I have never seen Pretty in Pink. I saw it advertised on TV last night. I really don’t care to see it.

- I want to eat this banana for breakfast but it is such a ridiculously inappropriate size that I feel wrong eating it.  Seriously, the girth on this thing is obnoxious.

- We got business cards for Tastefully Simple this weekend.  I am excited!!  We got them from Vistaprint.  250 cards for $9 and that includes shipping and handling.  Love me some Vistaprint!

- I am SO excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  I am planning our TWO Thanksgiving dinners that we are hosting. Thanksgiving is T & my thang!  I have also already started listening to Christmas music (YES, Yes I have!) and can’t wait to put up all our Christmas decorations….after Thanksgiving of course.

- You may say to me: “Man, you look tired”.  But what I hear is: “Damn girl, those dark circles under your eyes against your pale and flaky skin make you look horrible. You need to go home so we don’t have to look at you!”

- I am enjoying Twitter at the moment.  The first two times I tried it, not so much.  But this third time is a tad more fun!  Facebook on the other hand, you have annoyed me recently…..but I haven’t given up on you.


  1. thinking about girth and bananas makes me uncomfortable.

  2. Girthy bananas huh? Interesting.

    I have been into the Twitter more too. I think it's funner now because it's more interactive, more back and forth? EGGS!

    Wrestling Goldfish - ha!

  3. 1. You definitely need a third DVR. I swear it saved my marriage.

    2. T has also never seen Pretty in Pink. Or any other John Hughes movie, for that matter. Or TOP GUN. I know. He isn't American.

    3. The girthy banana made me laugh for five minutes straight. Aaaaand it's still funny. I'm 12.

  4. WP - a couple friends think I am a communist because I haven't seen many of those "Classic American" movies, have never had a whopper or big mac, don't like fruit pies, and now apparently I can add have never had deviled eggs to my list.

    You know what....I am starting to believe them.

  5. I feel you on the tired comment. I want to tell people to shove it when they say that. Not everyone can afford Bare Minerals asshole!


    Not having seen Top Gun WP - that is a serious problem. Most of my daily commentary if from Top Gun.

  6. Omg. I loved reading this. (I could hear you say it.)

    **The Wrestling Goldfish was awesome.
    **Terry cracks me up.
    **Pretty in Pink is only so-so.
    **Bananas -- especially CHOCOLATE COVERED bananas -- are inappropriate. For sure.
    **You are hosting TWO Thanksgiving dinners? AWESOME!
    **People should never say, "Man, you look tired."
    **I also enjoy you on twitter. :)