Friday, November 12, 2010

Oh, Heidi Klum.......I Am So Happy You Are Wearing Mondo's Dress!!

Ok, I loved Mondo on this past season of Project Runway and I totally think he should have won instead of Gretchen. Boooo, Hiss

Anywho, Heidi loved Mondo's dress that Nina and Michael Kors did not really like. Boooo, Hiss  Heidi liked it so much she wore it to the movie premiere of "Black Swan."  Granted, she did do away with the sleeves, but I don't mind as I think it is still really cute!

I am glad Heidi is giving Mondo the love.  He is such a great designer!




  1. Heidi Klum is fantastic.

  2. This is awesome! Mondo shoulda won!

  3. I thought it was funny that Michael and Nina said nobody would wear that dress and Heidi and Jessica both loved it and said they would wear it, which would cause others to want to wear it as well. They even joked about throwing a party so they could both wear it.

  4. I was so pleased to see that she was wearing this, too.