Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What Happens When I Have Too Much Time On My Hands & Left Alone With A Computer.....

So Monday night I was up till 11:30p.m. messing around on the computer and in my "free time" I came up with my own NaBloPoMo Badges for my Blog. Yeah, I know I am awesome. Can't help it. 

Now I was going to post a political post today, but because it is not ready to post and because it is Wednesday and Wednesday's suck - I thought we would go with something a bit instead you get to view these lovely creations today as well as additional comments related to the pics and unrelated to this Nablo thing.


(And for the record, these were already pictures I had taken months ago...nothing is new and/or posed, even if they look posed.  These are just our cats! I love them.)

Sebastian (aka Old Man, Big Buddy, Buddy Cat)
"Technology makes me happy & relaxes me!
Now only if I had some fuck'n thumbs to turn this shit on."

Belle (aka Miss Mouse, Hells Belles)
"Oh what, you wanted to use this?!
Yeah, I don't care.
You can wake me if you want....but I am too darn cute and I know you won't.
Now scram!"

Charlie (aka Chuck Chuck, Monkey, Charlie Bucket)
"Don't look at the computer look at me!
Do you see ME? 
Ignore that, LOOK AT ME! 
Now pet me, pet me, PET ME already!"


  1. I heart your cats so much. I miss having kitties!! Louis is such a baby about allergies.

    Your buttons rule all other buttons.

  2. Nothing is funnier than when you read your cats' thoughts.

    I also love the shameless plug for your blog in the second photo. Nice product placement.

  3. Haaaaa! Love these! Our dogs are constantly attempting to lay their (giant) heads on our laptops. I think they're just desperate to recapture our attention. Attention-whores.

    (I love "Hells Belles." :))

    PS: My word veri is "holla"! Indeed.