Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Understand No One Else May Care But….

I am totally pumped for this next week!! 

No, I am not doing anything special but rather it is because of two very important things coming out in the next 7 days.

First…the HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS movie comes out Friday!!  


Ok, excuse me whilst I revert back from my brief stint as a 14 year old girl.

My sister and I are pretty pumped about this, her maybe even more so than me.  It is interesting, the first movie came out in 2001 and the book a few years before.  My wee little sister was only 12 or so when this was released!  It really has been in pop culture & her life for nearly as long as she can remember. (So has the war, but that is for a different day.) It is interesting how many people have had this series in their life for so long.

Needless to say K & I will be getting to that movie as soon as we can.  We thought about going to the Thursday evening/midnight showing, but I don’t know if we can get our witches cloaks from the dry cleaner in time!  However we will get there first thing Saturday at the latest!

*Side note: Have you seen little Hermione Granger's new hair style?! (Picture above.)  It is a very very short cut and I think it looks way cute!  If I couldn't cut my hair for 10 year and had a petite frame like that, you bet I would cut it all off when I could!

Second…..My Chemical Romances new CD (Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys) comes out November 22nd and tickets to their concert next year go on sale Wednesday…eeeek!

I looooove My Chemical Romance.  Their last album came out way too long ago in 2006 and has been holding the #1 spot in my CD rotation ever since.  From what I have heard of their new album it sounds completely different (which I like) and very awesome!!  It mixes their unique sound with a nudge to classic rock/metal songs.  Of course they play with the lyrics (as seen in the title of their first single) and make fun of many things in today’s society but still put out great music. I seriously, love this band and their music.  So unique.  And the concert just so happens to be a few days before my birthday! Perfect.  I am patiently waiting for my secret code so I can purchase the pre-sale tickets tomorrow!

Yep, it is a pretty exciting week.


  1. I LOVE Emma Watson's new hair! I wish I could pull that off. Sadly, I think my head is too lumpy.

    I will admit that, although I read all the books and loved every word...I don't love the movies. Sorry. :) I think it's because I loved the books so much. I should never see the movie AFTER the books -- it's a recipe for disaster. They can never live up to my expectations.

    Whenever they come out, though, I usually want to reread all the books for the 40th time. :)

    I'm glad this is such a big week for you, though! Very exciting stuff! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you've got two things to look forward to! Today, I'm looking forward to going to Costco. (I need to get a life.)

  3. Did you see that JK Rowling said that she's open to writing more books? Do you think she can keep with the awesomeness?

  4. WK - I think we should meet and see this movie together. Although I may explode from excitement. We can talk about our love of SNAPE also.

    Did you see her interview with Letterman? She's adorable. Not some horrid, spoiled teenager (Lindsay Lohan). I need to post about this.

    Friday night - BG? Date???

  5. Emma's hair looks cute ON HER. It's not something I would do. But she's pretty darn adorable. Daniel, meh. I LOVE Rupert Grint. I saw him on The Today Show. He's kinda cute in sort of a dorky way.

  6. Iris I would loooooove to go to the movie with you!!! BG theater, if you can call it that, SUCKS. No place to watch an epic movie such as this! We usually go to Levis or any theater up that way.

    I could go Friday, we also talked about going to an early afternoon show Saturday as Terry works late on Friday and maybe not crazy busy. Are you available Saturday?! If not let me know!! FUN

    (Is it weird that both my sister and I think Snape, Lupin & Sirius Black are so HOT! Probably, a little.)