Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I Don't Want To Look But I Can't Seem To Look Away!

I am sorry to scare you!!

I know the main story is and should be whether this mom let her little girl go in a tanning bed. (CLICK HERE for the full story) If she did, she should totally be punished.  But lets just go with the fact that the courts are taking care of the legal stuff and talk about the big bronzed elephant in the room that the news people don't seem to be talking about!!


That is crazy.  At first I thought it was a joke....but alas, it is not.

This women should scare EVERYONE away from tanning and should be the poster women for why tanning is bad.  Granted, most people don't get this bad, but holy crap!

I can't even look at her without wondering the following:

(1) Does she thinks this is attractive?

(2) What does her skin feels like?

(3) How often does one have to tan to get that natural looking tan?

(4) Is she being tested for skin cancer?


I mean....WOW.

(I apologize to all me readers for posting this isn't pretty!)


  1. I heard this on the radio/news when driving home today. Wow. Wow. It doesn't even look real. Is that makeup on her nose...the blackish coloring or is that her skin? I want to know what it feels like too...or maybe I don't. No, no, I don't.

    ...and I thought *I* had man hands. She makes me feel a little better about myself. Her fingers are huge. Maybe it's the angle? Or the freakish brown coloring.

    I love her facial expression. It is exactly the same one I'm wearing right now as I look at her photo.

    (I sincerely HOPE she did not put her child in a tanning bed. Wow. Just wow. Some people, right?)

  2. Omg! I know! I just saw this on the news like 30 minutes ago and I was SHOCKED.


  3. When I first saw her picture I thought it was a joke but sadly it is not. I saw one photo of her with what I think is her daughter, and her daughter has reddish hair - she had better NOT be putting a ginger in a tanning booth!

  4. omg - my thoughts exactly. i was like "could you stay out of the tanning booth for a minute?!?"

    furthermore, no wonder the kid talks about being in the tanning booth all the time, they obviously spend a great deal of time at the place. also, she could likely save some cash by just buying one of her own. AND...sadly, she looks too old to be the mother of a 5 yr old. too much skin damage.

  5. We may see her on that strange addictions show in the future.

  6. This was all over the news for a few days. CRAZY!!!!