Thursday, April 19, 2012

HDH - 32 Weeks....When Did That Happen?!?!

32 weeks old today.

STATS: (As of March 23, 2012)

Weight: 20lbs 3oz (4 weeks ago)

Length: 27.5” (4 weeks ago)

Clothes: 9 – 12 months

Shots: All up-to-date!

Food: Each day he has – 22oz Milk, 3oz oz fruit, 3 oz Veggie, 6tbsp oatmeal, occasionally an extra tbsp applesauce in his oatmeal, just starting to test out puffs, cheese and foods with a bit more texture. (eh, he just likes to play with them) 

Naps: He naps from 1-2/2:30pm and then an evening nap from 6:30 – 7:15.

Sleep: Has bottle at 9 and falls asleep around 9:30 in his crib and is in there till about 9:30am.


Oh my goodness, our son is changing so quickly and growing SO fast.  Literally, growing so fast he is growing right on out of his 9 month clothes!!  Dude, you are a monster.  He is already wearing 12 month clothes.  (I love it!)

This time really flies.  Have I mentioned that before?!  Oh yes, only like ALL the freak’n time.  But really, every week it seems like something about him changes or he has learned to do something new.  It is truly exciting.

So what is new:

- Sitting = Accomplished!  Yep, he is a professional sitter now.  Good job Henry!  He loves to sit and he figured out this week how to put himself into the sitting position from the laying down position.  It is funny seeing him SIT in his crib. (And yes, the crib has been lowered!)

- Babbling = CHECK.  The boy has been talking up a storm lately, especially in the evenings.  He will just carry on this conversation with you that is very philosophical and deep….just like his daddy ;)  Through his babbling you hear words like “Mama”, “Dada”, “Hi” “Hey” but until he can repeat them on demand (which he can’t do), we don’t consider them his first words.  However, it is surprising when all of a sudden you hear something that sounds just like “mama”….it totally catches you off guard!  And the “mamamamamama” sound is always used when he cries. Convenient baby, convenient :)

- Mimicking = CHECK. He loves to mimic, usually in the form a scream or something vocally.  He does also mimic blowing raspberries and pounding on things.

- Laughing & Smiling. = HELLS YEAH!  This boy has an awesome laugh….and the best part is he loves to laugh!  THE. BEST.

- Crawling = Almost!  I call it dead man crawl.  He uses his upper body and part of his lower body to get where he wants (one leg drags the other pushes!!).  He is pretty fast and can turn quickly! (so hilarious to watch)  And while he can get on all fours and move back and forth, he just isn’t ready and hasn’t figured out how to crawl. 

- Standing = Getting there.  He tries to pull himself up, and with just a little assistance from us he can do it.  He is standing, eh…leaning, against things to help him stand.  But he is trying to pull himself up.  I am sure it will be soon as this child is strong!

- Drinking out of a sippy cup = Working on it.  It is still a bit of a toy right now.  He can drink out of it, but he is not very good at it and makes a mess and chews on the top.

- Teeth = NOPE.  Not a one.  We thought one was coming in this week as his drooling went from leaking faucet to busted pipe and he is chewing on EVERY THING in site.  But still haven’t seen anything.

Favorite Things:
·         Laughing
·         Kicking things
·         His suk (pacifier)
·         The ON DEMAND channel on TV. (huh?! Yep. Silly boy)
·         Magazines (He gets mad if I am looking at one and he can’t have it.
·         MOVING! The boy can’t sit still.
·         Jumper.
·         Toys….we have cut back how many toys we give him at one time but he loves toys.
·         His bed & mobile.  His bed is HIS place and he loves it, which is awesome.
·         Music
·         Walks in his stroller
·         His Daddy.

·         Being too far away from me at night (He has a little separation thing going on)
·         Getting his diaper changed
·         Pasta Primavera in Stage 3 foods
·         Straight up formula

Funny story.  We were at the store and he was riding in the front of the cart.  A couple goes by with a little girl in the cart who seems to be maybe 2 months older than Henry.  Henry had his pacifier in his mouth when he notices the pretty little girl.  He instantly spits that thing out and smiles at the girl.  Yep, he is flirting already!!

 Goofy face time!

"Really, mom?!"
I do not think this will be the last time we see this face!

 He loves his Kristen!

 He loves looking at himself (and raspberry-ing himself) in the mirror!

Getting ready for bed, turned into a mini photo shoot :)

Loves playing toys with his Grandpa

 "Really! Iz had no ideas!"

His favorite channel....the On Demand Channel

This was before we purged all his toys!

 Happy baby boy!
 Grandma & Grandpa!!!
 He loves his Grandma :)
I love you Henry!!!

P.S. Of course I had to enter Henry in the Gap Casting call because I think he is just too flipp'n cute!!  You know, just like the 21,000+ other parents who think their kid is just too flipp'n cute :)

And for the record, I never thought I would be that parent who wanted to enter their child in photo contests....BUT I AM and not ashamed to admit it. (I actually want to enter him in more....just looking for legit ones. No really, I am.)

Folks, I want to show off my child to every poor soul who wants to see him or not.  Thank goodness I have social networking sites so I can just stuff all his cuteness onto all my friends!!! (I shall not apologize.)

Henry is such a happy baby and brightens up our life and the lives of those close to us with his big smile, goofy laugh and silly personality! Smiling is contagious around him!
Click HERE to see his entry.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can not get over his "Really, Mom" face. Adorable!

    He reminds me so much of V...they even look alike a little. And they are the same size. If they were girls, they could share clothes. ;) They should totally meet some day!

    1. He does that "Really, Mom" face all the time....I was so happy to capture it on the camera!!

      We totally should schedule a play date :)

  2. What a CUTE KID!

    (I cannot believe he is 20 weeks away from 1 year old.)

    1. I know, right?! One year old....where has the time gone?!

  3. What a big boy! Such a ham! I LOVE his faces! Such a cutie! I just want to hug him and squeeze him!

    1. He loves to be squeezed and hugged! :)

  4. Cutie pie. Hope 'Aunt' April gets to meet him soon. Am going to be making some plans tomorrow...we'll see if I can make my way to BG. Hopefully, not unexpected dr. visits or other things that come up. Maybe only another week...

    1. He can't wait to meet his Aunt April!!!

  5. OMG - stop all of that total cuteness! i love the pics where he is looking up at the camera with the total teenager attitude!

    1. I tell him he needs to stop being so damn cute because he is going to get away with so much....of course he doesn't listen to me :)

  6. Can I say......awwwwwwww!

  7. Oh my word. What a cutie pie you have on your hands! Those blue eyes, that soft skin, and the bright smile? He's edible! He looks like a happy little guy, for sure. I LOVE the story of his flirtations. That is awesome!

    Thank you for your sweet comment today. . . from these pictures,it obvious that when you say a baby is cute, you know what you are talking about!

  8. Thank YOU for your lovely comment! So sweet!! :)