Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Funny! Scratch That…Friday Flipp’n HILARIOUS!

One of the BEST things about having a child is when said child thinks you are the funniest thing EVER!  I know in the future, Henry will think I am totally lame and no longer funny (pshhh) so I am soaking it all up now and getting all the giggles I can out of him!

Well the other night I rocked the Improv with my one (wo)man performance.  Henry thought I was WHO-larious!!

I know it sounds like he is crying, but believe me he is cracking UP.  His face was bright red and he was shrieking with laughter.  And what was I doing to get this laughter, just making some random noise and shaking my head. (I know. Genius.)

For the record, I will be taking my act on the road, performing for babies all over the Midwest.  I do noises, I shake my body, eat toes, get noses, and an array of other skits that have babies rolling in their seats. (Literally rolling for some because they can’t crawl or sit yet. Others, only wish they could roll in their seats….someday little ones, some day.)

Please enjoy the videos.  And sorry for the poor video quality, it was on my camera phone (circa 2008) and I wasn’t paying attention to how I was filming.  I can’t do it all folks.



  1. Oh my cute!

    V is stingy with his laughs right now. He's too cool for school...I'll get it out of him soon though, I've got awesome head shaking abilities. ;)