Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just A Nice Story

So I read this story on today. A Pastor in Alabama gave envelopes containing anywhere between $20-$100 to the 2,000 congregants of the church totally $50,000. The catch is that the individuals could not spend it on themselves and could not donate it back to the church. They had to give it to someone who needed the money. "The reason behind it was simple. We wanted our people to turn around and bless somebody."

I must say, I like this.

First, helping others is an amazing thing and giving $50,000 to people in need is awesome; plus you are also giving people the chance to give to others, even if they themselves may not be in the position to help others. Sure there are people who may say well what if they just keep it for themselves or give it to a family member who doesn’t REALLY need it. I say, if I am getting money from my church with instructions to give to someone in need….you can bet my Catholic ass I will not be keeping that money!! If I am at the metaphorical “gates of heaven” and St. Peter is going through my rap sheet of sins, I do not want on there; pocketed $50 and spent on a new pair of shoes instead of giving to a homeless man so he could have food for the next couple weeks.

I mean how do you talk your way out of that one?! "So like, yeah, I was going to give that person money but as I was about to hand it over I saw this sale and it was just too good to pass up....I saved 45% and the shoes were fabulous. Come on Peter, cut me some are not perfect, how many times did you deny Jesus again?!?! We all make our mistakes!"

Oh HEEEEEELL no. I may questions alot of things about my religion, but I am not going to be stealing from the church anytime soon!


  1. Good story. I'm curious, if your envelope contained $20, what would you do with it? $50?

    I'm going to give this some thought and comment later!

  2. Jenn, you're funny.

    What a nice thing for this church to do. Great story.

  3. I wonder how many people were honest with it? Does spending it on yourself include your children?