Monday, June 08, 2009

Talk To Me....

So I read an article that Apple has cut the price of their original iPhone to $99 due to the release of two newer versions due out later this month. The newer versions will sell for $199 and $299.

So questions:

With the drop of the iPhone price would you consider purchasing the original model?

If you are an owner of an iPhone do you think that it is now worth getting one at this lower price or was it totally worth getting one no matter what the price?

Do you think the original has too many bugs and it is better to up grade to the newer version/s?

Do you have absolutely no interest at all in getting an iPhone?

Please share your thoughts on the phone!!


  1. Oh, I love a good technology survey.

    1. No, iPhone price drop or not - I will NEVER switch from Verizon TO AT&T. Ever.

    2. I would ONLY get one if they were with Verizon. But, I *adore* my blackberry.

    3. I think that the original of ANYTHING (computer, model of car, hardware add-on, camera) can be tricky. I always like to wait for the second or third model. I prefer to wait for them to get the kinks worked out.

    4. I'm a mac lover - you know. I enjoy apple. However, I'm so frustrated with how their focus has shifted from creating awesome operating systems to creating iPods and iPhones and iTouches.i'm over it. :)

    So, I believe I'm on a bit of a strike.

  2. I have absolutely no interest at all in getting an iPhone. I like Verizon and wouldn't dream of switching to AT&T. I"m also not that impressed with the iPhone. It's like a status thing. My MP3 player works just as good or better than an iPod. B.'s Blackberry works just as good or better than an iPhone. I'm not going to pay more for the 'i'.

    I also agree with Ky about the bug issue. I'm not convinced these versions won't have bugs. Plus, I've been reading about compatibility issues with the phones and AT&T's capabilities. That would annoy me if my phone was built to do something but the network wouldn't support it.

  3. i have to agree..i'm with verizon too and won't switch. now, if verizon started selling the iPhones, i might consider getting one (if i actually could afford it). as it is, i'll stick with what i've got now. i'd like a blackberry @ some point....but my current budget says "no".

  4. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have an iphone, but I agree with KY I will NEVER switch from Verizon to AT&T. If Verizon carried the iphone, I'd already have one.

    I would want it for the constant internet connection wherever you are, but I'm still hesitant about the cost. We have an ipod touch (iphone without the phone) that is Jon's ipod and you can get the internet anywhere that there is a free connection to steal- it is so handy!

  5. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I have an iphone and I switched from Verizon to AT&T in order to get it.

    It's been 6 months since I switched and I love my iphone! I have the $199/8GB model that has 3G internet service. It's a mini computer in pretty much every way. I don't think there are any bugs, although I am happily awaiting the software update next week so I can cut & paste text. The issues with bugs were only a problem with the original model when they launched. This new phone is now the 3rd model.

    The iphone is truly as cool as it looks. Totally better than any other phone out there. The Blackberry is not even a fair comparison in my opinion. The iphone will cost you about $80- $100 per month for service though. And although I loved Verizon, they don't have the iphone so I had to say goodbye.

  6. i am a verizon person, so the iphone is not a choice. Like Ky, i am an apple/mac person. i would highly endorse an iphone (on a sidenote, the itouch is seriously a teeny/tiny laptop - it's ingenious). i would not get an original model if given the chance though - i'd go for an updated version.

  7. Although I am a bargain shopper, I would never buy an old version of something - especially if it is the beta version.