Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Little Thirsty, Perhaps.

So after work today I decided I was in the mood for something to drink other then the water I drink all day long. I went over to Sonic to try some of their fun drinks I have heard so much about. Now I have only been to Sonic a couple times, so I am not really familiar with all the drink options available to me. Since I was not familiar and this was a spur of the moment trip (Had I known I would have totally done my research at work prior to going) I felt I was under some pressure to see how quickly I could skim their selections and order a drink so to not be THAT person who pulls up to a drive through, has no idea what they want, and takes forever.

So after just a mild delay from rushing so the line of cars behind me didn’t get angry, I opted on the Strawberry Limeade*. After I ordered they said that I could upgrade my drink for free; I wasn't paying attention as I was still going through all the drinks available on their menu and said sure. However, had I known what I know now, I would have passed on their very generous offer. Seriously, THIS is what they handed me, a 44 ounce vat of strawberry limeade…straw included.

WHAT?!?! Do people really drink all this?

I can not believe how flipp’n big this is, ridiculous.

So when I got home I lugged the 36 of the 44 ounce beverage I bought to the kitchen counter and I began to think of all the things in my kitchen that are similar in size….just to give an idea of just how big this drink is.

A 64 ounce container of Pickles. (Why do we have so many pickles, because we loves them!)

A 48 ounce container of Vegetable Oil.

A gallon of milk.

A 64 ounce container of Ketchup (not to be confused with catsup).

Even Belle who loves to get into everything, didn't know what to think about this gigantic foam container!

So consider this your warning. If you are parched and in the mood for a beverage, this is probably your best bet. But if you are just a little thirsty, perhaps you just want to wet your whistle, I would go with the small.

*The strawberry limeade was good, but a little too sweet for me. I will try another one next time I go. Any suggestions?


  1. I think it is HILARIOUS that you compared that cup with other things in your kitchen! HAHAHAHA!

    I like 32 oz. "Polar Pops" from Circle K. They're styrofoam cups so they stay colder longer and I can sip on it for HOURS. So we're talking 69 cents of beverage goodness that lasts an entire afternoon or evening!

    By the way, did you get a mint with your drink? I think that's weird. I've gone through the Sonic drive through to get a beverage and they've given me a mint with it. Uh, thanks. I'll use that mint to get rid of my ... Cherry Coke breath ... yeah.

  2. I was surprised to see the comparison between the milk gallon and the drink. Seriously, who drinks that entire thing?! I have a tiny tank, so just seeing that cup makes me calculate at least six potty breaks for me to get through that drink.

  3. THIS POST cracked me up.

    I love the vat of sonicDrink next to the gallon of milk.

    HOLY cow.

  4. ahahahaha I love the one with the gallon of milk. I'm so jealous that you even HAVE a Sonic, the closest one is 45 minutes from here and guess who LOVES corn dogs??

    I think I hate you. ;)

  5. HAHAHAH! I am dying laughing at the size comparison. Especially the kitty.

  6. Hahahah! This reminds me of the day Kitty was moved to different areas of the office and we took photos. Not to show size comparison, but for sheer hilariousness. How is Kitty?

    Are you aware of Sonic's 1/2 price drink special every day (including weekends!)? You can get 4 drinks for like $2. I've done it.

    The Ocean Water is good. It's like Blue Mountain Dew. And I love that they offer Diet Dr. Pepper and Sprite Zero. Their drink variety is second to none.

    And they have corn dogs and tots. Sonic rocks.

  7. Awesome! Love the comparison!

  8. LOL! Wow, that's big drink. Were you all sugar-buzzed after that?! I wonder how many calories are in that thing... nevermind, maybe I don't wanna know!

    I must say, I'm not a big fan on Sonic (they are everywhere down here & Paul loves them). I do like the roller skaters, though

  9. Oh I'm smiling. Remember when Kitty's photo was taken all over the office? I'd love to see those again. :)

  10. Oh, man. That is a lot of drink. I would love to suggest but, like you, I was a little overwhelmed on my recent visit. I did not, however, upgrade. Thank God.

  11. Kylee - Yes! Those were GOOD times. I laughed SO hard that day!

  12. (I will make it a point this weekend to find the pictures of Kitty taken hostage!!)