Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Reason # 342 why I love T. His dry but hilarious sense of humor.

Many times I will ask Terry something and I will get a ridiculous response. So when I asked him a simple question today this is what he said:

My text to Terry: Did you take in the mortgage payment today?

Terry’s Response back: No I traded it for some Magic Beans.

Also, here is his quote of the day:

To Kristen when she was asking a question: "Kristen, Frankie says relax."

He seriously cracks me up!


  1. HAHAHAHA, Terry-isms really bring laughter and humor to my daily life. He cracks me up!

  2. omg I love him so much. will you tell him that for me?????

  3. I might add that I just read all your Terry-isms blog entries and am SO looking forward to more.

  4. Everyone needs a Terry!

  5. I decided to follow is Sarah's lead and read all the Terry-isms you have. Holy crap, he's hilarious!!!

  6. I would buy a Terry-isms calendar.