Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Blog-iversary to ME!

So today is my Blog-iversary!

Yep, it has been 3 years of my rants, random questions, updates on my life, useless information, attempts at comedy and other things I feel I should share with my friends as well as complete strangers on the world wide web. I am surprised I am still blogging three years later. I have never been someone who journals, I am not the best writer, and I tend to be pretty shy and withdrawn around people I don’t know so I wasn’t sure this was for me. But instead I found out that I LOVE blogging. I love keeping up with friends, sharing parts of my life, making new friends, sharing exciting new experiences, finding comfort through difficult times and having a positive outlet to express myself. Because of this here blog I have become more open, confident and willing to express myself in a constructive way to those around me.

I decided that for this post I would go back through past posts to find some of my favorites, but as I saw I had over 800 posts to read I was afraid this was going to turn into a tedious task that wouldn’t be much fun. However, after I got through just the first couple posts I began to feel this happiness and tons of memories came flowing into my head and I just had to keep reading. A couple hours later I had made my way through 3 years of life events and felt so unbelievably lucky to have it all written down. There was our wedding, our first house, many new baby announcements, posts that had me laughing, posts that I thought “why the hell did I post that”, highly opinionated posts, there were tough times, happy times and just plain old goofy times. I also noticed that I have horrendous grammar, atrocious spelling, and I overuse punctuation like it was my job. I may need to work on that for the next three years!

So in honor of my blog-iversary here are some posts I would like to share! I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I have enjoyed sharing them :)

If you are interested here is my first official post on my blog. It was a little more sentimental but I started because of twopretzels and wanted to keep in touch with her.

- Happiest Post

- The Worstest Grammatically Posted Post And The Post With The Most Run-on Sentences, and The Post With The Most Unnecessary Exclamation Points - All In One!!!!!!!

- Favorite Post Title

- Best PSA Post

- Favorite Keeping Things In Perspective Post

- Best Use of A Stock Photo In A Post

- Best Top 10 List Post (For some reason I do alot of Top 10 Lists)

- Best I Feel and Sound Really Old Post

- Rant That I Still Stand Behind Today Post

- Biggest, OOPS....Can I Take That Back Post

- An "In Memory Of" Post

- Most Real Post

- Most Random Post

- A Creepy Cat Lady Post

- Most Loving & Sisterly Post

- Favorite Terry-ism's (Second Favorite) Posts

THANK YOU for reading my blog!!!!

And are you wondering how the blog name Wrestling Kitties come to be? (I am sure you are) I can't remember if it was Michelle or Kylee but one of them thought of it because I loved to watch wrestling and I have two cats and it just work and, well, there you go wrestling kitties was born.


  1. Happy blog-iversary! We're glad you're here to share your life experiences...and allow us to laugh/cry with you!

  2. I freakin love your blog! Happy blogiversary!

  3. Happy Happy Blogiversary! By far I have loved the Terryisms as well as the "Heath Ledger as Joker?! Nooo!" post the most.

    Keep writing!!!

  4. happy blogiversary! i LOVE reading your blog! ;)

  5. Happy, Happy Blogiversary! I'm so glad you've kept blogging; I'd be really sad without my Jenn fix!

    Here's to another awesome three years!

  6. I'm a bit late, but yes, Happy Blogiversary! Your blog cracks me up - it's such a breath of fresh air. Really!

  7. Happy Blogiversary! It has been nice "getting to know you" via the internet. :)

  8. Oh, Oh, oh!!!! I'm sorry that I'm so late to the game.

    W.K. - I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It continues to make me happy (and still feel close to you!) EACH time I read it.

    You are truly one of the sweetest people I know - and your blog CRACKS me up.

    (I loved going down memory lane with those posts, too.)


    Here's to MANY more years!