Friday, January 02, 2009


Happy 2009 Friends!!

So I have to share a couple random but funny quotes from my husband that he said yesterday that just made me laugh. He really never disappoints when it comes to this kind of stuff.

- We are getting ready to leave and he is putting on his coat. He heads to the door completly straight faced and without any expression and says, "Damn, It is good to be a gangsta." Yes, because when I think "Gangsta" I think Terry.

- We were talking about cats when Terry says "I don't like Persian Cats. They are like the douchebags of the cat world." (sorry if you have a persian)


  1. HAHAH - Persians!! Too funny.

  2. Lol.
    That makes me laugh.

    And yes, I think "gangsta" when I think Terry.

  3. I have been attacked on 3 different occassions by persian cats.