Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nearly Perfect Mac & Cheese!

It is no big secret that over the years my relationship with cooking has evolved from something I do OK but do out of necessity to something I am pretty good at that I enjoy doing to something that I am experimenting with to create my own dishes and find truly relaxing.

So you will understand why I have been frustrated that I have never been able to get the right consistency for a simple mac & cheese dish. So imagine my absolute delight when last night it finally happened, I perfected the consistency of my mac & cheese. YAY! I know this is a weird thing to be excited about but I have been trying for awhile now to get a nice thick cheese sauce. And though mine always tastes fine, it has been a bit runny :(

So what was the trick.....well I mixed the butter and flour and cooked it (like I always do), then added half broth and half milk and then here it is - I turned the heat up to med/high! Perfecto! Typically i leave it on low once I add the liquids thinking if I turn it up it may ruin the milk ...but alas, I went out on a limb and realized it was infact the heat that makes the sauce nice and creamy! I really did not know this and most recipes I have come across do not mention to turn the heat up.

I would like to say that I do understand that it is a bit sad HOW excited I got about finally getting my mac & cheese to the perfect consistency, however if you would have tried some of it I am sure you would have been JUST as thrilled as I was.

Now that I have it to the perfect consistency, I am going to try to perfect the entire dish so that it tastes fantastic! First attempt, broil the mac & cheese so it crisps up the top - YUM!


  1. This was so damn delicious last night, I'm excited for more!

  2. It's not very nice to rub your delicious looking perfect mac and cheese in our face. And your sister isn't helping either.

    Why don't you just put a video on your blog of the three of you enjoying it and licking your lips and mocking those of less fortunate?

  3. Dear Mickey D:

    Please except my deepest apologies for teasing my fellow bloggers taste buds with such a tasty looking dish. I should have been more considerate. In a moment of weakness I thought I would brag about my accomplishment but I did not take into consideration how extremely delectable my dish would look to those reading my blog. It was truly my mistake.

    As my way of saying sorry I would love to make you some of my mac & cheese so you can enjoy it in all of its deliciousness.

    Your Friend,

  4. You're sharing MY Mac & Cheese? You considerate whore!

    I better go devour all I can...

  5. Deal.

    It does look like quite an accomplishment. I can taste it already :)