Friday, January 23, 2009

Talk To Me...

So this time of the year is the worst for dry air and you know what, dry air really just pisses me off.

I wake with a sore throat, my nose is dry and sometimes bleeds, my hands are so dry they burn, my skin is so dry when I turn my head it is like a snow fall, my hair is dry and dull, there is tons of static in our house that everything we touch gets shocked (even the cats don’t want to be petted because we keep shocking them). It is horrible.

I know we should get our humidifier out but it doesn’t really help. We are constantly refilling the thing and really having it in one room makes very little difference. Maybe we just have a crap one.

SO, do you have ANY suggestions to help increase the humidity level and to decrease the amount of dry air?!?! Maybe something you do? Something you have heard to try? Some secret tricks to put more moisture into the air? Anything at all?!?!


  1. We put metal pans of water on top of all our radiators (we have steam heat)- the water evaporates and acts like a natural humidifier. I've heard you can do the same type of thing with regular floor vents. It actually seems to help!

  2. We need it too. Louis got shocked so bad by some pajamma pants he screamed... and I almost peed laughing.

  3. putting out large bowls of water does help...

  4. I read that having those little fountains helps... also consider the spongebob humidifier seen here:

  5. We have a large humidifier downstairs (in a small house) and although we have to refill it at least once, if not twice, in a day it really helps a lot. We also have a small humidifier upstairs in the kids' rooms. Again, we have to fill it each day, but it helps.

    We also go through LOTS of lotion in our house. Drink plenty of water. You know, the normal stuff.

  6. There is a humidifier that you attach straight to your heater and hook a hose to a water pipe. It humidifies as it blows the warm air through the house, and you never have to refill it. I hear they are fairly easy to install, but haven't gotten around to installing one in my house yet even though I shock everything I touch.