Monday, January 19, 2009

Get The GIST

1. Getting our computer fixed (side note: Computer ended up being NOT fixed)
2. Rock Bus Of Skanky Crazy Whores
3. My hubby eating a pre-meal, meal..he is like a Hobbit
4. My friend Jen having her baby
5. Emails from friends

1. My homemade fruit smoothie
2. Chinese lunch “meeting” at work
3. An evening to myself
4. Working out on the Treadmill!
5. The return of The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother

1. Waking up in a good mood for no reason in particular
2. Playing Wii Monkey game…it is so silly but funny
3. Just pulling my hair back in the morning and going to work. (it may not always look pretty, but it is how I roll)
4. Ordering Little Caesar pizza kits at work!
5. Figuring out who the Kings of Leon are…love them

1. My Risotto with shrimp, spinach & parmesan
2. People having a sense of humor and not being boring fuddy-duddy’s
3. Yoga
4. The incline on my treadmill
5. Not falling off my treadmill when I am on the higher incline (I am not exactly graceful)

1. Getting some weird motivation to clean our house
2. Pay day
3. Practicing patience when I was on the phone for 1 ½ hours with the Dell support people to fix our computer
4. Being optimistic that our computer will infact be fixed
5. The return of Thursday night TV

1. The return of Battlestar Galactica
2. Homemade chicken noodle soup on a REALLY cold evening
3. Snuggling on the couch
4. Knowing that we do not have to get up early Saturday morning and we can sleep as long as we want.
5. A quick day at work

1. Carrabbas for lunch
2. 800 thread count sheets
3. Feeling the accomplishment of doing 7 loads of laundry
4. Finding out what is really wrong with our computer
5. Watching TV in bed in the morning


  1. I've seen someone fly off a treadmill. As far as great moments in life go, it's second only to Athena's birth.

  2. I enjoyed reading your GIST list. Particularly:
    2. Rock Bus Of Skanky Crazy Whores
    3. My hubby eating a pre-meal, meal..he is like a Hobbit