Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Love....

Tostitos Salsa con Queso

I know, this is nothing new nor is it an exciting revelation…but it is just the simple truth.

Let’s take it old school for a moment shall we: Tostitos Queso is da bomb!

Heat this bad boy up and eat with Tostitos Scoops, and well I am happy. I mean is there anything better then processed melted cheese with a hint of spice. The answer is hell no!


  1. I am in 150% agreeance! This stuff is absolutely ridiculously delicious! I think you and I could down this and some spinach dip in one sitting. In fact, Tostitos Scoops, with this cheese dip, spinach dip, and a marathon of Supernatural sounds like an amazing evening!

  2. I love chips with any kind of dip! I love crunchy with creamy!!MMMMMmmmmmm
    Now I want some.

  3. that looks amazing. I swear, Craig and I used to eat that all the time. We'd literally stop by a gas station, pick it up and eat it. :-)


  4. Yep. I've eaten this more than a few times with Ky and Craig.

  5. This is the best cheese dip ever. I would heat up one bowl and leave the other cold since I like it both ways. I wish Mexican restaurants would serve this stuff!