Monday, January 26, 2009

Get The GIST

1. FINALLY taking the Christmas tree down. And yes, it was a real one.
2. Rockband with my sister!
3. Clarify a misunderstanding.
4. Talking out frustrations & stresses that have been on my mind.
5. Both parties feeling much better after talking out said frustrations.

1. Finally being able to check my email and read blogs after an entire weekend of no internet! Geesh….I felt SO disconnected from the world!
2. Getting our computer back….fingers crossed the bad ol’ virus is gone
3. The sun being out and getting to wear my sunglasses on my drive home!
4. The musical stylings of Incubus
5. Terry calling the snow that builds up on the bottom of your car behind your wheels….Munge. I like to kick off the munge!

1. President Barack Obama!!!!!!!!
2. Watching the Inauguration online
3. Listening to President Obama’s Speech & excited to see what will come of the next 4 years
4. How smooth and seemless this transition went the last few weeks from all ends
5. The crowds of people watching such a Historic Day!!!!

1. Walking in the door and all our cats are standing there meowing and waiting to be petted. It is nice to feel wanted :)
2. When Yahoo radio reads my mind and plays ALL the songs I want to hear
3. Seeing Terry go back to school. It has been 15 years since he has taken these classes and I am just SO very proud of him for taking these steps and do what makes him happy!
4. When you take such a long & hot shower that you use up all the hot water. Aw…so relaxing
5. A surprise little gift from a co-worker! (It was a cute little calendar because she knew I was looking for one!)

1. Terry’s class being cancelled and all of us having a homemade dinner together.
2. The pure awesomeness of the show Supernatural (Title of last nights episode “Criss Angel is a Duechebag”)
3. Amber having her baby boy! CONGRATS!
4. Going old school for dinner – Tuna Noodle Casserole, corn and salad…..I really thought I should wear an apron & heals while I made it, maybe tomorrow meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
5. Bananas

1. Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden
2. When I am really not in the mood to go over to a friends house but T. wants to go and my hubby will not only be ok with me staying at home and going alone but he will help me come up with an excuse on why I couldn’t make it over.
3. Finding out Jason Mraz will be on SNL!!
4. Getting tickets to the R&R Hall of Fame Induction Concert!!!
5. T. getting his car fixed and not having to spend a lot of money to do so.

1. Perfectly popped popcorn
2. Sleeping In
3. A Saturday evening with NOTHING to do. Aw….how relaxing.
4. My new Killers CD
5. Watching a Romantic comedy while T. is asleep on the couch. Sucker had no idea it was on TV…or if he did he continued to sleep so I could watch it. Either way it was nice.

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