Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Love....

(As usual I am always late when it comes to beauty type regimens. I have never cared about this stuff, but the older I get the more interested I am to try new things and take care of my skin. So this is my newest revelation!)


So last week when I was out I randomly picked up Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub (I believe this is a Newer product). I really never use anything other then Clean & Clear products because I LOVE them and have used the Clean & Clear Deep Cream Cleanser on my face since high school. As I never exfoliate on my own – ever - I thought it sounded like something that would be good for my skin and that I should probably do, especially because my skin looks so dull and whenever I shake my head all these dead skin cells just fly off my face. Yeah, it is gross.

So the other night before I went to bed I gave this stuff a go and let me tell you, it instantly looked like I had a new face. My face before = really dull and dry, but this instantly brightened my face and made it SO soft!!

I guess I am kind of suggesting this product as I have NEVER been disappointed in Clean & Clear products, they work really well for my skin type. But more so I am just disappointed in myself for not exfoliating sooner then this week! My last facial was about 9 months ago, so is that like 9 months of piled up dead skin on my face?!?! Exfoliating is my new favorite thing!

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  1. I used just a little bit on Sunday before I went to bed. It's almost 72 hours later, and my skin is still softer than before I used it.