Wednesday, January 21, 2009

3x + 6[4^2 – (2x- (-6)^3)] Therefore X = WHO THE HELL KNOWS! (and so help you Kristen if you answer this problem because it looks fun…..)

So last night Terry (and his posse) worked on some of his online homework for his math class. Now, it has been at least 15 years for T. since he has taken many of these classes and I have to say I was incredibly impressed with how much he remembered. I mean, I know he is one smart cookie (mmm - cookies) but this is stuff you don’t use on a daily basis…er...once you get out of school. I am not going to lie, as I was looking at the problems I became lost. Of course some I knew after I dusted away a few of the cob webs that have formed on that particular memory crevasse…but many problems looked as unfamiliar to me as the first time I took those classes.

It got me thinking, what the hell are we going to do when T & I have kids in school and we are suppose to "help" them with their homework. Because I will tell you one thing, I don’t think I will be of any use whatsoever! I mean this is basic algebra, ok fine we can deal and I am sure it will come back with some reading but all the big word classes that come after this….sorry Howard spawn, you are on your own! All the other classes I am no too worried about. T & I both have a love of science and chemistry, Terry is fantastic with History, nothing to worry about with English, but Math is our Achilles’ heel. And I have only been out of high school for 10 years and I have forgotten at least 60% (if not way more) of what I learned during that time. Can you imagine how helpful we will be in 20 years when our offspring are in school and we are trying to remember how to do this crap?! Please feel free to NOT answer that question.

Anywho, the lesson of this story...I felt really stupid, our future brood are going to be SOL when it comes to learning math, and all of a sudden I felt old thinking about what age I will be when we have kids and they are in school (I am not suppose to get older!!). (seriously, did someone say cookies during this post)

Oh well, I guess Kristen will just have to live close to us so we can send little Henry & Lily over to Aunt K’s for free math lessons or in the future they will do away with all types of math and we will just rely on our technology to get us by. Yep, that sounds like a plan.


  1. i am in the same boat as you. i hate math. i'm horrible at math. i made it to Algebra 2 in high school and never took another math class again. (journalism majors didn't take math...that's why we were Journalism majors! haha).

    kevin is pretty good w/ number. and, my dad is great w/ numbers (he's a CPA). so i guess the girls won't be totally @ a loss.

    BTW: that subject line gave me the chills. it scared me. a lot.

  2. Are we really expected to remember that stuff? Ugh.

    I've already decided that I am going to read my kids' school books after they go to bed. Just so I can refresh myself. I'll read a chapter ahead so that when they ask me questions, I can speak knowledgeably on the subject.

    Or I will tell them to go to Mike. Him's smart.

  3. The post title made me laugh so hard!

    Don't worry, that's what tutors are for :)

  4. My future niece and nephew are more than welcome over to my household to get learneded (yes, I meant that).

    By the way, the answer is -3(3x + 400). :D

  5. I don't even know how to READ that post title. As far as I'm concerned it's giberish.

  6. I love math, even though my hubby is waaaaay better at it than I'll ever be. When I saw this post title, I immediately thought PRMDAS. Order of operations, bitches! (In the voice of Ashley)