Friday, July 31, 2009

I Wonder What His Record Release Party Will Be Like? Wine and Stale Bread Crisps?!

So I heard on NPR this morning that the Pope is going to release his very own Christmas album. Click Here for the story.

"Pope Benedict XVI has the chance of a Christmas number one in the pop charts after signing a record deal to release an album of him singing chants in the Vatican. It will feature the Pope singing litanies and chants in honour of the Virgin Mary, as well as reciting passages and prayers in Latin, Italian, Portuguese, French and German."

It will be released on CD on November 30 on Universal's Geffen label - which by the way is also home to Marilyn Manson, Timbaland, Guns N' Roses, and Dr. Dre....just to name a few! (hahaha, that is funny to me).

So forget Bing Crosby, The Carpenters, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Charlie Brown, or even The is ALL about Pope Benedict XVI this Christmas Season!!

Look For Some of His Favorite Songs

-O Come All Ye Pontiffs
-Joy to the Catholic Church
-We Wish You a Mary Christmas
-Go Tell it to Confession
-I’m Dreaming of a Lite Purgatory
-I Heard the Dogma on Christmas Day
-God Rest Ye Merry Sacraments
-O Rosary, O Rosary How Lovely are Your Trances
-Pope Benedict is Coming to Town
-O Little Town of Vatican
-Jolly Old Pope Benedict
-Eucharist Roasting on an Open Fire
-Away in the Magisterium
-There’s No Place Like Rome for the Holidays

(Ok, I kid about those songs but it will be interesting to hear what his album is like.)

A proportion of profits will go to a charity that will provide musical education for poor children around the world.

So buy this CD, help support the Catholic Church music education for poor children.



  1. HAHAHAHA, your post had me cracking. up. the entire time! I can see the infomercial now:

    "And, if you order in the next ten minutes you will get not one, not two, but THREE sins forgiven at your next confession!"


    "We will also throw in a couple Hail Mary's and An Act of Contrition! Call Now, Your Soul Can Not Wait!!"

  3. OMG! Jenn, this is definitely one of your classic posts!


    Did you seriously make up those song titles? I am rolling with laughter. ROLLING!

    This is something. I have my fingers crossed for a duet with the Pope and Marilyn Manson - I bet they could turn out a mean Jingle Bell Rock.

    You are hilarious!

  4. That duet would be AWESOME!

    I wish I could take credit for ALL of the songs, I made up some of them and then searched and found more (you can find anything on the web!). I wanted to keep making more up but figured I shouldn't have this much fun at work :)

  5. i can name one person who would actually purchase this CD by Pope (Eggs) Benedict --- my mother in law. heck, at least i know what i'm getting her for xmas this year. :)

  6. The amen at the end was my favorite part.

  7. I truly had to read that first sentence twice.