Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Talk to Me – Product Edition: Pedi Paws

So has anyone out there tried the Pedi Paws pet clipper product? We are wondering if it is any good and also how loud it is, seriously the cats in their commercials look freaked out!

Our little cat has this habit of stretching against walls. She will put her paws up on the wall as high as she can and stretch out as long as she can. She doesn’t scrape the walls but sometimes she is dumb and will stretch out against the curtain or the screen door or the couch and then she will get herself stuck. Terry was home at lunch today and heard her meowing and she was all stretched on the screen with her back paws barely touching the floor….she will never learn.

We usually don’t trim their claws as they are fairly good about scratching where they should, but this constant getting stuck in the curtain and screen is annoying. So we thought maybe this Pedi Paw thing would work. I have my doubts as it seems loud and too bulky, Terry is optimistic it will work, most likely just because he wants to buy one.

So any reviews on the product or even your thoughts would be wonderful!


  1. ok this thing is a pet peeve of mine- it's a dremel. just USE A DREMEL TOOL. it's the same thing!! AHHH!

    we have been using it to trim the dogs nails for years and it is very gentle and easy. but yes, noisy.

  2. its too loud. TOO LOUD!!!!!! I almost died when The Girl tried it on me.

  3. my friend trimmed my dog's nails the other day and then filed them with the pedipaws. It was medium loud, I thought. The dog didn't seem scared. She would've been just as unhappy w/ nail care had it been silent. I did like that it filed her nails so they weren't sharp. I'm thinking of buying it.....

  4. The commercial makes me sick when they break the poor dog's nails with the regular cutting device.

  5. We've been considering this too, but haven't purchased it because we both think Tucker would freak out. For an almost 100lb dog, he's a huge baby.

  6. My friend has this for her two pugs. It was a no-go for them. The noise scared them. Ferg would CRAP if I tried to use this on her.

    (Sorry, "crap" was the only word I could think of that was a curse.)