Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Good News and Bad News

Good news first:
I read on popsugar that they will be bring Christian Bale back to play in another Batman Movie. He was BY FAR my favorite and most realistic batman!! I loved how he played the character and the movie was really good!!

Bad News:
Apparently Heith Ledger will be playing the joker in the new movie. Not who I would picture as the joker. I know it is a different "series" of movies, so we will wait and see how this all plays out, but I just can't picture him as the Joker.

Could be Bad or Good News:
It hasn't been determined whether or not Katie Cruise will once again be in the movie. I am hoping by the way they left the last movie she will NOT be in it! Fingers crossed!!

So basically IMDB has it to come out in 2008! Please, PLEASE don't ruin the second movie with bad casting, the first one was SO good!!!



  1. Two words: Paul Bettany.

    Huck Feath Ledger.

    I do have full faith in the Mr. Nolan however. He pulled off a great first flick with a second rate villain (Scarecrow? Really?). He can do it again.

    Hopefully Brokeback Heath takes the figurative c**k out of his mouth and doesn't mumble his way through this movie too.

  2. Christian BALE is/was so hot as Batman.

    Paul Bettany? Wasn't that the guy in the Fast and the Furious?

  3. That was Paul Walker toots.

    What's up? Is your imdb.com machine broken?