Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Final Thoughts

This may be the last I talk about him b/c he doesn’t deserve my words at all. I have been staying away from reading anything associated with the case because I think it is all sick and sad. However, today I broke and read up on some articles and I kinda wished I hadn’t.

No matter what, John Mark Karr is a very sick man. Whether he said what he said because he was obsessed with JonBenet, because he was an accomplice in the murder, because he wanted fame/recognition or because he was just a sick asshole I don’t really care to know. This entire thing is disgusting and messed up. The thing I can’t stand is that there are these sicko’s out there that get off on little kids and will actual do stuff like this to kids. I know judgment will come to them one day when they die but for sick idiots like this I sometimes feel that speeding their death along wouldn’t be that bad of a thing.

I am warning you that if you haven’t read his emails all ready be careful. He is a VERY sick man and the excerpts from the e-mails made me feel very sick, disgusted and extremely sad.

Click here for the article on people’s website
Click here for the MSN article

I will be writing something more light hearted very soon.

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