Tuesday, August 29, 2006

On a Hunt for Makeup!

So I don’t normally wear makeup that often and when I do it is on the weekends and it is the same old powder, eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. This is good but it defiantly doesn’t make a big difference. Well for the wedding I want to buy some newer items. I am looking for a good foundation, blush and eyeliner (the pencil type). I am very fair skinned so I always have a hard time finding a foundation and blush I like. Also, since I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup I don’t want to be too extreme on the wedding day, I want a makeup that is very natural but that looks fabulous!! (does that make sense?) So I was wondering if anyone had a brand of foundation, blush and eyeliner that they loved? I am horrible with picking out brands and normally just pick what is on sale. So any help would be MOST appreciated :-)


  1. You know, Jenn. I don't wear foundation. However, before my wedding I did the department store thing. (A friend of mine worked at the Paula Dorff counter). I went once BEFORE the wedding for a "trial," then again the day of. She did a wonderful job. Maybe if you go ONCE before the wedding, you'll feel confident enough to do the job on the day of the wedding.

    Best of luck with this!

  2. Lindsay3:47 PM

    Hi Jenn~
    I'm Kylee's friend Lindsay in Oklahoma. Sorry I had to respond. I have very pale skin and I don't wear foundation. I wear Bobbi Browns tinted moisturizer, love it. Bobbi Brown is very good about giving you a very natural look and the products last a long time. The moisturizer lasted me almost a year and I wear it every day. Congrats on the wedding!!!

  3. Hi Lindsay and thank you, please feel free to respond whenever!!!

    I will have to try that out, can you find that anywhere? I am looking for a moisturizer as well, so that sounds perfect! Thank you :-)

    Kylee that is a good idea as well, maybe we will do it this weekend. I am just not comfortable putting on eyeliner and putting make up on so I don't look even more pale then I am.... so maybe a trial run would be a big help!!

    Thanks again ladies!!! :-)

  4. Lindsay7:07 PM

    A trial run is a very good idea. You can get on bobbibrowncosmetics.com and I think they even have wedding day look ideas. I know in Tulsa I have to buy mine at Saks. Their prices are the same as any other dept. store cosmetic line.

    I would try several places and let your favorite do your makeup on your wedding day. You'll look at the pictures the rest of your life. Have fun!!!

  5. I agree...if you typically do not wear foundation, I think a tinted moisturizer would be a great option! Also, my advice on blush is...use a light bronzer. I think it looks much more natural than blush.

    And...something easier than pencil eyeliners is to use a dark shadow with an angled brush...kind of punch it into your lash line. It's less harsh than the sharp line of a pencil.

  6. Lindsay9:18 PM

    Sarah's exactly right with the shadow for eyeliner. I do that a lot and she's right it's not as harsh as regular eyeliner. A soft defining look.

  7. (I love it that my friends Sarah and Jenn in Ohio are chatting with my friend Lindsay in Oklahoma online. Blogs are SO cool.

    And I think the tinted moisturizer sounds like a good idea. It won't feel too heavy on you and you'll still feel like you.)

  8. Lindsay8:12 AM

    I really hesitated on commenting. So glad I did though. I'm addicted to all of your blogs. I guess I should start one but I might leave that to Junkyard.

    Sarah, were you the one with the lash stylist mascara post? I love that stuff and have all my friends hooked on it now. I'm throwing out my old stuff.

  9. THANK YOU! this is all great advice! Now i have an idea of what to look for!! I went to the bobbie brown website and it was cool! I also love the ideas S. of the bronzer and dark shadow. I tried a pencil eyeliner last night and I just wasn't feeling the look for me :-) So that may be the way to go! This whole process is SO fun!!! Thanks ladies!

    (Kylee, I agree...it is cool to have many people from all over read blogs! Alot of my friends read them but don't feel comfortable yet to respond...but it is still awesome!!)

  10. Yes Lindsay...I had the post about the LashSylist...I'll never give it up! And it makes me excited that you and your friends are using it too!!! (you should definitely start a blog!)

    Jenn...I think pencils are so awkward. Using eye shadow instead is much easier, you really can't mess up too bad!