Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My Favorite Pens

These are my all-time favorite pens. They are the Bic Pens, blue Ink, medium ball point. I LOVE THEM! They are not much to look at but they write great everytime and never clump. They are the perfect pen!!

I was just writing with mine and needed to express my feelings of joy and thanks to these wonderful writing tools!


  1. I love those white plastic bic pens. You know what I'm talking about? They're pretty much the sister to these pricey ones you like. :-)

  2. I like those bic pens as well! They write very nicely! The only problem is with those I tend to chew the cap and then when i throw the cap away I don't like writing with the pen anymore! So with these ones I have control :-)

  3. I agree. Those caps are totally easy to start chewing. Much easier then the sort of "domed-top" that your favorite pens have.