Monday, August 28, 2006

Don't open your Mouth, unless Spoken too!

So this weekend my sister and I spent the day of my bachelorette party together. It was so nice spending quality time with my sis! We are really close for 8 years apart but since I have been living in BG since school started in 1998 are QT is limited. Now that she is up here we have a lot of “hanging out time” to catch up on!!

So we decided to look for wedding stuff (still not much luck) and new outfits for the B. party that evening. We headed to the Franklin Park Mall for the day! K. got a cute jean skirt and sexy brown shirt for under $30 – you go K. and I found a cute bride like shirt…not on sale but it is ok! We walked around the mall, had an auntie anne’s pretzel (both of us are regular with no salt and light cream cheese to dip) and shared a lemonade. We walked around the mall and had a GREAT time until some old fart decided to open his mouth and get all up in our business!

So I was walking into one of my all time favorite stores, Williams Sonoma, and called out to my sis “Hey Kristen, I am going in here.” To what was followed by the sounds of this guy saying “Hey Chris, your mom wants you to go into the store!” WTF….did you get that MOM! I am not no f’n mom NOR do I think I look old enough to be the mom of a women who is 18 and 5’8”!!!!!!!! Needless to say, that is defiantly a mood breaker. I did take it with a grain of salt because he is probably just old and crazy but the problems I have are (1) people getting their noses up in my shit where it doesn’t belong – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS PEOPLE and (2) why mom? I would say sister or friend before MOM…she doesn’t look 5 and I don’t look 45! Idiot people in T-town!

So basically I didn’t feel like shopping in my favorite store anymore, the moment was gone and instead overtaken by the random comments of one person. Kristen and I later figured out that he probably had issues with his mom growing up and we both soon were over it, sorta! :-)

K and I had a really nice time together Saturday, it was the perfect beginning to my perfect evening :-) Thanks again K.!!

P.S. Normally I LOVE older people, I am a sucker for anything they say to me and I always want to hug them – of course except when I am driving behind them – but normally they are my favorite and can do no wrong. This guy, not normal!


  1. Oh, Jenn. That was awful. You should have tripped him.

    (Don't you hate being called, "ma'am, too?")

  2. Hehehehe... Goodness Jenn!

    What a moron!!!