Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Question of the Day?

Ok, so here it is, talking in public restrooms – yes, no, sometimes?

I have two situations before I answer my own question, both very common where I work:

Situation 1:
At my job I am bound to run into someone I know in our small two stall restroom. Usually we share the courtesy small talk such as: “how are you, I am good for a Wednesday, oh I know…can’t wait for the weekend, well have a good day, you too.” Done, 1 maybe 2 minutes tops and you are done and on your way. Usually the small talk happens when one person is entering and another is leaving so there really isn’t a whole lot of time to talk anyways. But what happens when you are making your way into the toilet or trying to leave and a person keeps talking. To me it is very uncomfortable to be there either while you are trying to take care of business (#1) or they are. It is a personal thing….I mean someone is half naked in this situation and yet the talking continues???? It is just uncomfortable (at least to me) and in my opinion not a great place to hold any extended conversations.

Situation 2:
Ok, working at a college of sorts we have a lot of students and/or employees using the restrooms at one time. Now, these larger restrooms are usually fairly gross and smell nasty – so to me this doesn’t equal “hangout”. Once again, you are bound to run into the courtesy conversation situation, but I want to hit on another situation that occurs in restroom…..just hanging out and talking on your phone! People come in there with their pull behind book bags and are talking on their cell phones while trying to use the offerings of the restroom. Maybe they are applying makeup or washing hands or maybe they are doing their business in the actual stall, either way….it is gross!!! Why do you have to have conversations with your friends on your phone and treat the restroom like it was a cool new hangout. Just wait outside, finish what you are saying/doing AND THEN come in and take care of business. I don’t want my cell phone amongst the germs of a public restroom AND I don’t want my friends to hear what I am doing – as I am sure they don’t want to hear either! You are not that important, so put down the phone.

So to answer my question I say talking in restrooms is sometimes ok. For example, courtesy conversations – ok! Extended conversations or conversations on a phone – HELL NO!!!

So – talking in restrooms: do you agree, disagree, don’t care, have public restroom stories to share?


  1. The typical small talk, lasting no more than 2-ish minutes is fine. More than that is just unnecessary. I do think it's rude to expect someone to have a full-blown conversation in the WC.

    call them later.

  2. See, for guys... or maybe odd balls such as me and my friends, there is a subset.

    Doing #1 talk. Doing #2 talk.

    Ever since late in high school (college and law school, espescially), if two of us had to deuce, we'd go at the same time. Gave great opportunities to catch up on things, trade magazines, etc. Granted this was reserved for only the best of friends.

    Small talk during the uno? Not so much. Not unless you are in a bar and NEED to small talk, discuss targets, avoid awkward convo from "that guy" who is in there with you uber-wasted. All other times. Uhnn uhnnn. Caveat: This is no way restricts or limits the one-urinal barrier; keep your distance or wait for a free one.

    As for phones. Boo. Only if you are waiting to hear your wife is in labor, your dog got ran over, or a huge trade in fantasy baseball is going down. No. Other. Reasons. And when MFers come in their jabber jawing. Start flushing. Flush every toilet in the place. And turn on the faucets. Then watch as these bathroom nuisances do an awkward and uncomfortable (albeit hilarious) dance verbally and physically to get out of the RR asap. Bastards.

  3. As a general rule, I like to forgo any bathroom conversation with anyone aside from a.) my husband b.) my best friend or c.) my mom/sisters.

    Favorite Owens Bathroom/Student/Cell phone memory:

    Student, on cell phone in bathroom says: "And he wanted me to bring him weed. I was like, 'You's in jail, dawg. Like I'm 'bout to do dat."


    md: I think it's weird that you'd talk to another man, while sitting inches apart from one another and going #2.

  4. It is relatively normal for guys. Espescially if they are close friends. (IF a guy says otherwise, he is lying)

    I think you underestimate the effect a great deuce has on a man. That is something to be shared. The fairer sex just does not seem to appreciate it/hearing about it/ receiving the details of it.

  5. Um, Sarah... how many times do you think we've talked on the phone while going to the bathroom?? Yeah, a lot!

    But doing it in public restrooms is just plain gross. (We're more considerate than that!)

  6. yes Michelle...I believe that happened, what, yesterday? AND...Ryan was in the shower too! HAHAHAHA!

    On the phone, in the pot, in your own home, with a very close friend is one thing.

    One the pot, in public, is COMPLETELY different!!!