Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Grammar Lovers, this Quiz is for You!

On MSN I found this Grammar Quiz. I suck at grammar and spelling but I thought I did fairly well on this quiz until they told me a got 3/10! LOL!! I know a lot (did I use that right, probably not) of you are good at grammar and we all like quizzes…..so enjoy! Let us know how you did!

Click here


  1. I got 7/10....not so bad :)

    (i've always admitted to being a horrible speller, but at least my grammar is somewhat good/well.) heehee

  2. Oh fun! I love these things!

    Damn e.g... Who the heck knows what that means in Latin...?...

  3. Ugh. the latin one got me, too. Whatev.