Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My biscuits are burning!

It is sweltering outside today (as well as yesterday and tomorrow)!

Here is your local weather at 2:11 p.m.:
- The current temp is 96
- The heat index (what it feels like) is 105
- The UV index is 9 - Very High
- We are currently under an excessive heat/weather warning - meaning the heat index is above 104
- Tonight the temp will drop to a not-so comfortable 80

- Did I mention I live in OHIO?!?!?!?!!?

*UGH - summer is my LEAST favorite season!!!!!

P.S. - The map - sorry for the bad pic - doesn't make sense at all (half the U.S. is in red - 90's, the other half in yellow - 70's.....why can't we compromise and all be somewhere in orange?!?!)


  1. I agree... summer is the worst!!


  2. You know, I disagree with both of you. I love summer. It is by far, and away, my favorite season. However, this heat is ridic. I'll give you that.

  3. Yeah... I'm ready for summer to be over now too. Bring on fall!