Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Ok, So I was on my way back to work this evening for some unnecessary and unpaid overtime when I decided I would quench my palate with some refreshing rootbeer from Wendy's! I pulled through the drive through and placed an order for a medium rootbeer. I decided medium b/c sometimes all you get is ice and I thought a small would not be enough to quench my thirst. So I pulled around and this lady hands me what appears to be a half gallon of rootbeer...WTF!! Is this a medium I ask in amazement...yes, thats what you ordered! (I wanted to say i ordered a medium, approx 10-12 ounces, NOT a weeks supply of pop!)

What in my day use to be the Biggie Size pop is now a medium, again...(this deserves the full wording) WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! What happened to the smaller cups, did we stop making them? Is Sam's Club now the manufacturer for their cups?

This to me was ridiculous, no wonder Obesity is such a problem - we don't know portions anymore! I mean I am not a thin minnie...but portions people portions!!! I just sat and looked in amazement! I wonder what the small looks like...or for that matter what the Great Biggie looks like, they probably wheel out a keg filled with pop!

I miss the day when a samll was a small not an XL!


  1. First off - root beer sounds good. Good call on the ordering.

    Secondly - why did you have to go back to work?

    Finally - you're dead on. Fast food portions are just WAY too big. Have you seen the "small french fry" at Wendy's? It's like a 1986 extra large. Amazing.

    I echo your, "WTF?"

  2. Wow... that's so weird. C came into the office today with a root beer and I've been craving one ever since!

    Yeah, perhaps if portions were smaller, less people would be obese. Even if they get large portions, though, people need to realize that it's OK if they don't eat every last bite. No one is holding a gun to their heads making sure they clean their plates. (At least I hope that's not the case!!!)