Monday, June 08, 2009

What You DON'T Want to See at your Local Grocers

T & I were standing in line at Subway at Walmart when we saw something very, um, interesting.

This lady, who was most likely in her late 50's and about 40-50 pounds overweight came into walmart in nothing more then a too tight tankini. Yep, she was just wearing flip-flops and her swimsuit. No shorts, no cover up, no modesty...NOTHING other then a flipp'n tankini.

First thing I said....GROSS (in Napoleon Dynamite's voice of course)

Swimsuits with no cover-ups: An inappropriate “outfit” for anyone to wear to stores since, forever!

Yep, only at Walmart.


  1. Haha... remember when we used to call each other at work and have entire conversation using Napoleon Dynamite sound bites?

    Good times.

  2. When I worked at Meijer a WAY overweight gentleman was wearing a t-shirt, Speedos, and water socks. On an unrelated occassion a guy came in in a wetsuit and penny loafers.


    All of the Americans and Canadians will go to our grocery store literally wearing (or not wearing) the same outfit you describe.

    It's terrible.

    (I appreciate that you said, "Gross" like Napoleon Dynamite. Since you were in the grocery store, you should have also grabbed a steak and chucked it at her.)

  4. Want to hear something really gross? Once at Wal-Mart, Mike and I saw a kid, about six years old or so, wearing a diaper and a stained t-shirt. That is all he had on. The diaper needed to be changed, like four hours ago, it was heavy and yellow. And the capper is that we were in the bakery department, and he sat down on the lowest shelf he could find, ON TOP OF A PACKAGE OF HAMBURGER BUNS! Yeah, I told you that was gross.

  5. uh, ewww. NOT necessary.

  6. I laughed outloud thinking about you and T in Walmart talking in Napo voices.

    But, yes, gross! Only Walmart.