Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Review – Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

We went last night and saw the new Transformers movie and I must say, ignore the stupid reviews you read about it being a bad movie …..unless what they mean is BADASS!

Seriously, the movie was awesome!

It is not winning any awards for best acting or best screenplay, DUH, just take it for the big budget summer movie it is meant to be. Lots of action mixed with a good amount of humor, big explosions, great special effects and GIANT robots (in disguise)!

I have been asked if it is better than the first. I will say it is bigger and there are more robots and I think I liked it alot better then the first but I have only seen this once and I have seen the first over 50 times (seriously, whenever it is on TV I watch it). But I really did love it, a lot.

Go. See it. In a BIG theater. And don’t drink too much during the movie as it is 2 ½ hours but worth every minute.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote this, I loved the first one and I was getting freaked out by all the bad reviews the new one is getting. I can't wait to go see it now!! What are they expecting, it's a summer action movie about robots it's not going to win an academy award for christ's sake.

  2. EXACTLY. That is what my husband and I were saying.

    Sure there are some stupid parts of the movie and some cheesy lines BUT it is entertaining and well worth the money to go see it. I did NOT leave disappointed AT ALL. LOVED IT!

    Hint: Summer is not about Oscar nominated movies, it is about FUN and entertaining movies! And this is one of them :)

    Enjoy, are you going to an Imax? I want to go and see what the movie would be like in that theater!

  3. Since I am going to see this tomorrow afternoon, I will be able to either back your opinion or tell you are stupid. We'll see how this works out ;)

  4. Addendum: I would also like to add that the new “twin” robots are a bit Jar Jar Binks-ish as reviews are saying. Yes, a bit annoying at times, but not enough to completely hate this movie.

    I have a feeling I have hyped it up too much, just for the simple fact that I have always LOVED Transformers so SP I am sure you will tell me I am stupid :)

  5. Thanks for the review. I trust you and Terry entirely and will for sure go see this now.

    I love that you pointed out that this won't win best screenplay DUH! lol

  6. Saw it last night...AWESOME! Blogging about it now.