Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gotta Love Old Wives Tales

So my mom told me about this trick that she heard of for helping/preventing/reducing leg cramps when you sleep. So if any of you suffer from this or know someone who does, listen up!

Apparently all you do is put an unwrapped bar of soap under the fitted sheet at the foot of your bed near where your calves are… and.... there you go, no more or at least fewer leg cramps.

How does it work – I don’t know. But apparently, it really does.

It has worked for my mom for the past month or so and my mom was skeptical and kind of laughed it off when it was suggested. But later she gave it a try as medicine had not been working and she remembered when her SIL (who is a Physician’s Assistant) mentioned it worked. It was a "Well what the heck, nothing else seems to be working" kind of thing. Even my mom’s Dr. had heard of this and said that it has worked for some patients.

Google it. Short Article here. Even Snopes doesn’t have a definitive answer on this.

Seriously, no clue on how or why this works, but IF it does help even a little bit and for whatever strange reasons, that is HUGE for people who suffer from leg cramps at night.

I always think it is fun, these old wives tales that work.

Any old wives tales you would like to share with the blogging world that you KNOW works?

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  1. I will try that, but the end of my bed is so untucked from my legs, I am not sure if it will work :)