Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Talk To Me....Cereal Edition

So, we like cereal in our house, a lot. At any given point we have about 6 different boxes of cereal on top of our refrigerator. This is because T. and I have completely different likes when it comes to cereal.

My Top 5: (I am a plain girl)
1. Cheerios
2. Kix
3. Frosted Mini-Wheats
4. Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch (this is my getting crazy cereal)
5. Corn Flakes

Terrys Top 5: (Don’t know exactly his top 5, but I am close)
1. Cocoa Krispies
2. Boo-Berry
3. Artificial flavoring sugar cereal with marshmallows
4. Chocolate cereal with marshmallows
5. Raisin Brand

I never had chocolate cereal, fruity cereal or marshmallow cereal growing up. I did some experimenting with different cereals in college but eventually cleaned up my act and went back to the straight cereals. I don’t like to talk about that time in my life, sugar cereals can bring out a different side of you.

But this weekend Terry picked up a cereal I just had to try, I seriously couldn’t resist.

S’morz Cereal.

I would just like to say this cereal was made by Angels and flown down from heaven on a fluffy cloud and given to us as a gift from God. It is simply perfection. I have never been a fan of these types of cereals, just not my thing. But this, this is truly amazing.

I know this cereal has been around for awhile, but it is new to me. For me, it is a perfect sweet treat at night. The box we got Saturday night is just about empty, I will have to make sure we are fully stocked on this stuff as T & I can’t get enough.

It is fun living on the wild side some times.

What are your top 5 cereals?


  1. 1. Cinnamon Life
    2. Honey Nut Cherrios
    3. Fruity Pebbles
    4. Frosted Mini-Wheats
    5. Cracklin Oat Bran

    Honorable Mention: Frosted Flakes and Raisin Bran

    I also used to like, I think it was called, Honey-Nut Clusters. I would like to get a box of only clusters though. They were yummy.

    Mostly I just eat the top 2, but sometimes I get crazy and go for the others.

  2. Hilarious! I will have to try that cereal. I'm a huge cereal fan. Bring on the sugar. My top five:

    1. Lucky Charms
    2. Count Chocula
    3. Fruity Pebbles
    4. Honey Comb
    5. Frosted Flakes

    Mike's parents never let him eat sugar cereals growing up, and he never got into them as an adult. So when he goes grocery shopping, the kids get plain Cheerios. When mommy goes grocery shopping, they get Cookie Crisp. Ooooh yeah.

  3. Those s'mores look sexy.

    1. Fruity Pebbles
    2. Fruity Cheerios (The Bee and I LOVE these)
    3. Kix
    4. Honey Comb
    5. Lucky Charms

    (This is obviously somewhere that I am lenient as far as organics go)

    Louis LOVES Grape Nuts. Um, just go chew on some kitty litter, dude. Blech.

  4. I'm not a fan of fruity or chocolate cereals either - my mom only stocked the "plain" kinds and that's what I love to this day.

    1. plain cheerios
    2. special k +protein
    3. kashi go lean original
    4. chex (any - corn, wheat, rice)
    5. raison bran

  5. 1. Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch
    2. Cocoa Pebbles
    3. Reese's cereal
    4. Lucky charms
    5. Boo Berry

    i'd also like to add: count chocula, cookie crisp, rice chex, honey nut cheerios, rice krispies mixed w/ frosted flakes, kix

    yes, that's more than 5...but i could LIVE on cereal. really, i could.

  6. My top five would be:

    1. Cheerios
    2. Rice Crispies
    3. Captain Crunch
    4. Raisin Bran
    5. Fruity Pebbles

    Yes, we were a 'plain' cereal family.

  7. "...made by Angels and flown down from heaven on a fluffy cloud and given to us as a gift from God..."

    Wow. That's saying a lot! :-)

    I also wasn't allowed to eat sugary cereals. It was Corn Flakes, Cherrios and Chex for us.

    My top five are:
    1. Wheat Chex
    2. Alphabits
    3. Honey Nut Cherrios
    4. Frosted Flakes
    5. GrapeNuts

  8. I will have to try this heavenly cereal.

    1) Reese Puffs
    2) Captn Crunch (no berries)
    3) Honey Nut Cheerios
    4) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    5) Regular Granola

  9. I love sugary cereals, but we don't get them because the box is usually gone in less than two days. :)

    1.) Quaker Oat Squares
    2.) Any version of Cheerios
    3.) Homemade granola
    4.) Any version of Life
    5.) Corn Pops or Fruit Loops

    I lived on Fruity Pebbles and Strawberry Blasted Honeycomb when I was pregnant with my 4 year old. Seriously. Lived. on. it. Meaning at least 2 if not 4 bowls a day. It's a miracle he did not come out a big sugar cube. :)

  10. Here's mine. I was allowed sugary cereals once in a while. But I actually preferred the not-as-sugary.

    1) Rice Krispies with bananas.
    2) Cheerios.
    3) Golden Grahams.
    4) Rice Chex.
    5) Lucky Charms.

    (I remember Turtle Parade's house always had Honey Comb and her and her brother's toothbrushes were always yellow because of it. Random memory.)

  11. What a FUN post!

    I too, laughed out loud at your "Angels/Fluffy cloud/God" sentence. ( had to read it out loud to C.

    1. Cinnamon Life
    2. Raisin Bran
    3. Multi-grain Cheerios
    4. Corn Pops (On TOP of my cheerios)
    5. Lucky Charms

    (Ew. This is my word verification: "direa". Blech. Not appropriate on a food post.)