Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wedding Update: Part 2

So, most of the stuff seems to be done - just a lot of little things right now!

We talked to the photographer this week! I am REALLY excited about them. They are a young husband and wife couple and they do a great job with pics! They are with us ALL day and they are professional, detailed and ON TIME as well as very fun! (That is why I love them. I love details and being on time and of course FUN)

We also talked to the DJ. Poor guy has to deal with our strange but fun style in music. I doubt he has ever played "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden or "Doctor’n the Tardis" from Dr. Who at a wedding before! We like to make it interesting for our guests LOL. (Don’t worry M & K, there will be plenty of dance music and singing in your chair music as well!)

I talked to the caterer yesterday as well and gave them our count. We invited apprx. 240 and about 115 are coming – WOW! Most of T’s family lives out of state, namely AZ & FL, so we knew most of them would not be attending. That is fine, I like the idea of a smaller wedding/reception – it is more along the lines of what we wanted! I also got a pleasant surprise when the Event Manager at the hall told us we could have the “BIG” room! It isn’t that much bigger then the room we had before, it is just laid out differently and it was the room I wanted from the beginning – but b/c we knew we would have under 200 guests we had to take the smaller room! It may be a little spread out, but it won’t look empty or anything – it is PERFECT!!!!

I also went this last weekend to pick up my dress! I LOVE my dress! It is very Cinderella like. I never thought I would want to wear anything like this dress as it is so beyond girly – but I fell in love with it from the moment I put it on! I have a very long and pretty train which means I have a huge bussel in the back of my dress – yes baby got back!!! I actually have 11 bussels. CRAZY!

My fabulous parents have also been doing a lot of projects at home! Stuffing the favor bags with tissue paper, printing menus, printing name cards, and random odd and end jobs they are helping with! They have been a HUGE help with this entire wedding and T & I are SO grateful!!! We couldn’t have done any of this with out them!!

This weekend my sis and I are making programs and doing any last minute shopping/projects that we may run across! It should be a good time!

Overall, even though this process has been emotional and time consuming I know it will all be worth it! We are so excited to have (almost) all our closest friends and family there to share in this wonderful time in T & my life! It is amazing!!!

I am sure there will be more to come....


  1. Lindsay8:41 AM

    Hi Jen,

    Did you figure out your tan and makeup stuff? Keep enjoying every minute!

  2. Hi!

    Well I sorta figured everything out! Makeup I went and got a tinted moisturizer that works pretty well, I am still interested in the Bobbi Brown stuff!! I also found all the other makeup I need and will try a trial run this weekend :D I am opting for the darker eye shadow instead of eyeliner, i just need to go get an angled brush!

    As for the tanning, the place that does the spray tans only is open until 5 and I work till 5 - that doesn't work! And since I was out last weekend, I couldn't go on saturday :( So I have been regular tanning at this place I really really like! They have beds and booths so I will attempt booth to avoid tan lines! I think it will do the job! I will just get a nice glow, nothing too extreme! I am still going to try out the spray tan place some weekend after the wedding b/c it sounds interesting - but as you guys said - I still want to be myself for the wedding!!!

    Thanks for the comments, it helped :-)

  3. Happy single digits until the wedding!