Monday, September 11, 2006

My Brain is out of Space!

As I complete many of the forms and stuff I need to fill out to change my name, add T. to my policies and just become officially a married person I noticed how many numbers/passwords we are forced to memorize in our life! You have your basics being your social security number, your phone number (phones in most cases), phone numbers of family, your work numbers, addresses, date of birth, the date of birth of those important people around you, license number, license plate, your bank account/s. But then you run into the other passwords/numbers you have to remember: the three codes you need to get onto your work computer in the morning (that change every 4 months), your atm/debit codes, your personal email passwords, your work/personal phone voicemail passwords, online banking passwords, ebay…and do you shop online???? Well then you may have a bunch of store passwords to remember! I am also OCD and do things a certain amount of times (but I will never forget those numbers)!!!

Now some people use the same password for all their stuff and that’s cool, but since I am afraid of people taking all my shit I use variations of certain “root” passwords for everything. Safer, maybe…..more to remember – YES! I hope I never loose my memory or mind ….. no one will be able to get into any of my things!

With all these numbers/passwords in my memory no wonder I can’t remember to do the simplest of tasks – my brain is full!

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  1. I agree with you 100%. There are entirely too many passwords out there.

    When I was at home last time, I went to the ATM and sat there for like 10 minutes because I couldn't figure out my pin number (which I have had since I was 18.)

    Sad.No wonder we're all crazy.