Monday, September 11, 2006

Pop tarts - not convenient enough for some?!?!

I am confused! My sister and I were talking about a new product they have in stores that confuses us! Go-Tarts (click here ) They are slightly smaller versions of pop-tarts for people on the go…..what???? I thought pop tarts were pretty travel friendly being a single, easy to hold in one hand, pastry and all!!! I have never heard of someone fumbling around while eating their pop-tarts wishing they had something more manageable in their hands…nah HAND! What makes these go tarts so much more travel friendly? Please tell me as I am not getting it!

I think these are yet ANOTHER example of products going too far! They will charge more for less poptarts and they are basically the same thing - just cut in half and a little thicker! Besides, these go-tart things only come in 3 flavors unlike the many many flavors of pop tarts!

I will stick with my delicious pop tarts and try to manage eating my pop tarts and performing my daily tasks at the same time….(a couple shakes of the head, a roll of the eyes and a sigh)

1 comment:

  1. I'm laughing out loud.

    I enjoyed a delicious single-packaged pop tarta this a.m. (Strawberry.) I actually transported it from home to work. Uh-huh. Yup. And, it worked quite well -- keeping in mind it's not specically labeled a "go tart."

    I'm not sure I'm down with any product change that would shrink the current size of the pop tart. I say, "Leave perfect alone."

    Whatev. Stupid product.