Monday, September 11, 2006

Is there anything better?

This sunday T & I went to the Black Swamp to eat and look around! The whole weekend all I could think about was the delicious kettle corn! Once a year I start to get that undeniable craving for the sweet and salty deliciousness that is kettle corn! And I don't think anyone makes it better then the people at the black swamp!

So after T&I shared a philly steak, the cajun sampler and freshly squeezed lemonade we made our trek through the art on our way to what would end our journey - the kettle corn booth! We bought the largest bag we could and munched on it all the way to our car, and then in our car, and on our couch! We are barely a 1/3 of the way through our bag but I am not yet sick of this stuff! It was nice and warm yesterday (just out of the kettle) and the perfect blend of salt and sweet - OH YUM!!!! To me this once a year treat is wonderful! I feel like a bear who is about to hibernate. I eat and eat all this kettle corn once a year so that my body will be satisfied until the following year!

To me, there is nothing more divine then fresh kettle corn!!!!


  1. AMEN! I had to work all weekend, or i would have made the 45-minute trek north-ward to the kettle corn. i love that stuff.

  2. Um, no. Nothing is better.

    My mom went to the festival and brought some back. Then, I promptly stole the majority of it.

    It's delicious. I had to.