Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love...

My New Shower Cap(s)!!!

I got this shower cap from AVON (visit through Nadja here) for only $1.99!!! I KNOW. I thought it was such a good deal I got 2 of course. Let me tell you, as someone who typically washes her hair twice a week, a shower cap is very important. But I just never seem to find one that is an all around good product. Which means I want something that is cute, something durable, AND something not expensive. Places like Amazon and do sell them, and some are very affordable & cute but some are also cheaply made or sell for $15....ouch. I would rather continue with my hair pulled back tightly, headband on, don't let my face get near the water routine I do most days instead of paying more then $5 for one of these.

So here is exactly why I like it:

1) It is WAY cute!
2) Fits really well over the head so water will not get in. It fits well because it has an elastic band that is snug, but not so tight it hurts.
3) Very durable, this gem may only be $1.99 but it ain't made cheaply folks.
4) Brings me to my next point - it is AFFORDABLE.
5) Did I mention how stink'n cute it is?
6) I loved that plastic smell that it had when I opened the bag
7) It is not "old person" looking. Meaning, it is not an ivory colored shower cap with ruffles. (boring)
8) It is from AVON. I use to order AVON all the time and recently started it up again (uh, thank you). I have never really been disappointed in anything I buy from them.
9) It has pastel colored polka dots...and who DOESN'T enjoy that, especially at 7:30 in the a.m.
10) I now have a new accessory for the shower and that is simply awesome.

I think everyone should get a couple of these (and some other things from AVON) right away. Even you people who wash your hair everyday, come on, do you really have to wash your hair everyday. I think is cool to be greazy.


  1. Shower caps rule! I say that as someone who also washes her hair a mere two times per week. But I also find my shower cap to be great for when I do wash my hair. Once in awhile, I'll put some deep conditioner in my hair and then take a hot shower with my shower cap on. The steam really makes the conditioner do its job. And then people on the street stop me to ask how I have such fabulous hair. No, they don't. But they should.

  2. I was just asking my haircutter girl about hair washing the last time I saw her. She made a very valid point. "You should wash your hair when it's dirty. Some people have to do it every day, some can go a few days."

    Duh. We really only wash other things when they're dirty.

    (And I'm thinking of buying some of that "powder" showerless shampoo. Every tried?)

  3. I'm a HUGE believer in NOT washing your hair everyday. It takes some time to train it...but it's so worth it.

    I also ADORE shower caps. :-)

    I'm glad you found a good one. (Good ones are hard to find. I used to have one that was so tight that I had an elastic mark around my head for like 60 minutes after I took it off.)

  4. I am STOKED to try it... especially with twit's method of conditioning. Lancome discontinued my deep conditioner and I was devastated. Then I discovered some from this magical Avon place for $30 less!!! WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE SHOW ME AVON YEARS AGO???????????

  5. I love shower caps and I use one often (actually every other day almost). I need the huge ones to cover my enormous hair.