Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Get The GIST

1. Finding our Espresso/Cappuccino Maker that has been in the basement for 2 years.
2. Conversations about music and religion with my husband.
3. Ion repair conditioner….my hair looked so much better after just 1 use.
4. Making plans for upcoming birthdays and keeping secrets about them ;)
5. Our annual Waffle House visit.

1. The “Next” button on my Yahoo radio so when a Dirty Vegas song comes on I don’t have to listen to it.
2. Plain old Bread and Butter
3. Talking to a friend I have not talked to in many months
4. Laughing so hard I cry
5. The people who can make me laugh so hard I cry

1. Orbit Wintermint Gum
2. That our computer has been working and “virus free” (KNOCK ON WOOD) for over a week now.
3. The previews for next weeks Rock Bus Of Skanky Crazy Whores – looks AWESOME!
4. IM-ing family and friends during the day. It makes the day go faster and I just enjoy getting to talk to people.
5. Having a co-worker who makes coffee every morning so that there is always a pot of coffee ready to go when we all get to work. I think that is so nice and truly appreciate it!

1. Everyone I know getting to and from work safely in the crappy weather
2. The Christmas bells that are still on the door. Why do you ask am I grateful for that. Well because they informed my husband who was walking around the house in the morning while getting ready with, well his bells hanging out that my sister had NOT left because class was cancelled and she was coming into the house and he needed to run upstairs.
3. Ordering Papa Johns online. Seriously, how convenient.
4. Not having to go to the grocery store and cook dinner. Sometimes it is nice to have a break from that.
5. A large, cold glass of milk. Mmmm, my favorite beverage.

(Favorite Music Today Edition)
1. Muse – Knights of Cydonia
2. Dave Matthews Band - Crash
3. My Chemical Romance – Desolation Row from the Watchman Soundtrack
4. The Killers - Human
5. Incubus - Stellar

1. Watching a movie by myself that I know no one else would want to watch.
2. Having a husband who will not just put up with me when I am down in the dumps but also try to make me feel better
3. That even though I can have a temper I will also apologize right away and recognize that this is a fault of mine I need to work on.
4. Being able to see the glass half full even though all I want to do is throw the glass against a wall.
5. Trying to think of 5 things today because today I was a big ol’ grouch and not very happy. But I guess these are the days I need this list the most

1. Parents in Town
2. Birthday Dinner at Peppercorns
3. Jason Mraz on SNL!
4. Laughter with the people I love the most
5. Just being with my family


  1. I love reading your GISTs. They always make me smile!

  2. 1. You have an espresso maker and it's been in your basement for 2 years?!?
    2. Bread and butter rules.
    3. So does laughing your arse off.
    4. The *bells* are hilarious.
    5. Our local Papa Johns closed. They are my favorite pizza chain. Two words: GARLIC BUTTER.
    6. Milk is also my favorite beverage.