Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Yahoo, WHY?!?!?!?!?

So I found out that beginning on February 12, 2009, CBS Radio will now power LAUNCHcast Radio, the radio that is available through yahoo and also on my messenger. They say that “LAUNCHcast Radio will still be accessible from the Yahoo Site, however, it will be hosted and operated by CBS Radio rather than by Yahoo. As part of the transition to CBS Radio, the LAUNCHcast Plus premium service will be closing on February 12, 2009.”

Noooooooo. This makes me sad. I just found the yahoo launchcast plus premium radio in November and I have spent the past months fine-tuning (really jenn – yes really) my radio to have ALL my favorite artists and songs. It is practically perfect and seems to really know what I am in the mood to listen too at any given time of the day. Even when it plays Red Red Wine, it knows I secretly really wanted to hear that song.

They sent out a nice email and will reimburse me for whatever is left on my subscription, but I am sad that I will no longer get my specific yahoo station, though they will still offer some stations that I am sure I will enjoy….just not as awesome as MY station and they will now have commercials. Boo. I also learned that xm-radio will no longer be offering free xm-radio online. Again – Noooooooooooooooo! Actually this just pisses me off, I pay a decent amount each year to have my xm-radio I should get it free online. Yahoo, I understand….it was something extra I wanted to pay for on my own but xm-radio, well they are just being dicks.

So now it is just 2 more days of my radio station and back to the standard radio with commercials. Yahoo radio, you will be missed dearly. *sigh*


  1. Oh that sucks.

    Would you consider iTunes radio?

  2. I did not know itunes had a radio. Do you pay for it each month? Does it have a pretty good range of music stations? i.e could I find both Jason Mraz AND Iron Maiden, hehe

    I am intrigued, tell me more!

  3. That really does suck. I did laugh when you called them dicks though.

  4. I just read that Sirius XM is getting ready to file for bankruptcy protection. Besides losing the online listening feature, I'm very nervous about what this means for my future. I guess I'm going to have to listen to commercials, like some kind of animal.

  5. UGH really! I am SO spoiled not listening to commercials. I have an XM radio in my car also...I can't stand listening to 2 songs on the radio then 5 minutes of commercials, I mean seriously! I even get annoyed now when
    on XM radio they talk for 30 seconds...get off my radio people!