Friday, February 13, 2009

I Love....

My comfy pants.

Call them yoga pants, sweat pants, workout pants, pj pants, track pants, comfy pants, fat pants….whatever you wear I just LOVE them. Within 5 minutes of getting home you can bet I will be in these pants and a comfy sweatshirt. Seriously, walk in the house, pet the cats, take off my shoes, change my clothes and I am set for the evening. I see no reason if I am home to be in anything other then the most comfortable, stretchy and elastic waist banded pants I can find.

And I know everyone is with me on this.

So to my comfy pants, I love you! If it wasn’t for you I would most likely be miserable in my regular pants or walking around with NO pants…which would just be traumatic in SO many ways and for so many people.


  1. I am SO WITH YOU on this! In the summer I have comfy shorts that I wear all.the.time. Both of which are not that flattering, but who cares! Comfort trumps style.

  2. Would you say that they are your Valentine? I read this as Ode to My Comfy Pants.

    And I concur.

  3. Yes Mickey D, It twas an Ode to My Comfy Pants. And tonight we will be spending a quiet evening just the two of us relaxing on the couch, sharing popcorn and watching a movie together.

    It is love.

  4. in total agreement. i am changed into comfy pants within minutes of getting home from work. it's a must for me! :)