Monday, February 09, 2009

Get The GIST

1. Dad’s B-Day!!
2. Watching the Super Bowl with my family
3. Awesome food
4. Litty’s Birthday cake
5. Mom & I starting a crocheting project together

1. Practicing complete restraint NOT to throw something at a co-worker who is crunching so ridiculously loud. ARRRRRGGGGGG!
2. Leaving work at 2pm…even though it is just to go to the eye doctor
3. Watching a marathon of Heroes
4. MONDAY TV!!!!!!!!!!
5. Chuck in 3D

1. Meeting Jen’s new son & dinner with the Jen’s (P.S. her son Ethan is ADORABLE)
2. My sister who is there for me when I am down to offer supportive words and a comforting hug. That means more to me then she will ever know.
3. Planning a sister’s day with K for this Saturday!
4. Getting things that are bothering me off my chest and having people around me who don’t mind listening.
5. Left over Birthday Cake!

1. Being Alive! Seriously, I almost got hit by a semi….eek.
2. Drinks with a co-worker after work!
3. Rum & Pineapple juice – good times
4. Dinner with my husband. These are far and few between now that he is in school
5. Receiving my new military style hat from Kohls. I look pretty sweet.

1. Nearly everyone gone from the office to attend a class. A quiet office with no bosses makes for a happy place to be!
2. Pepto-Bismol.
3. Made up dinner ideas that turn out really good!
4. Terry’s glass getting cancelled again so he can come home early!
5. Lint rollers….man o man do we need them in our house

1. S’mores Pop-Tart…seriously the best of ALL the Pop-Tarts out there
2. Quiet Friday alone
3. Crocheting on the couch with the cats sleeping next to me
4. Paying Bills online and remembering my million different passwords the first time!
5. An evening with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom…yummy

1. A day with my sister!!!
2. Going to the Spa to get a Spa Manicure with my little sis.
3. Going shopping together….though our shopping is way different then most. We don’t browse, we go to certain areas of the store, take a gander, and if we do not see what we are looking for we are out. Plus we never really shop for more then 1 ½ hours…including drive time.
4. Laughing all day!
5. Having the best sister in the world. Seriously, I feel so proud to see the women she is becoming and feel blessed that we have become closer the past year then we have ever been before….and I didn’t think that was even possible. She is my best friend, the person who can make me laugh uncontrollably, can cheer me up when I am down, offer words of encouragement when I am frustrated, can motivate me when I feel I have nothing left to give, and is just the most beautiful person on the inside and out. She has told me in the past that she looks up to me (though I don't think she realizes how in aw of her I am) and I feel so honored that she feels this way and I can only hope that I will continue to make her proud and be there for her whenever she needs me. I love you Kristen!


  1. (I can't even tell you how many times I've been thankful for pepto.)

  2. I love how you just casually threw in there that you almost got hit by a semi. I'm glad you're okay!