Monday, February 09, 2009

You Like Me, You Really Like Me

So last week A Couple More Hours mentioned how she can monitor when people visit her blog. I didn’t realize you could do this and asked how. She told me about the website! So today I added it to my blog and have been monitoring how many people visit. Can I just say that this instant gratification of seeing that people actually are reading my blog makes me SO happy!

When you don’t get comments all the time you kind of wonder if people are reading what you write and if it is really worth writing blogs. But now that I SEE people are visiting my blog, I feel a lot better. Yes I am needy and feel self-importance when people like me….so.

I will say that I really don’t understand what all the links mean and don’t know who visits my blog…so stalkers you are safe for now and please keep reading, I just care that since this morning I got 25 page loads, 19 unique visitors (whatever the heck that means), and one returning visitor! Yessssssss. This might very well be the motivation I need to keep blogging and get out of my blogging slump!

Does anyone else track his or her blog stats? Does anyone else feel a sense of accomplishment or self-worth when people visit their blogs? (The answer should probably be "no" for the second question...but it is yes for me) ;)


  1. of course we like you! :)

    i track mine too....and it is fun to see where people are located (cities/states), and how many people visit.

  2. I love stat counter! except... I hate it when I can see my mom reading my blog over and over again for several hours. very creepy.

  3. For the record, I read every post you make...but I'm definitely not the best at commenting.

    I have a stat counter that I started very shortly after I started my blog - I used to look at the stats all the time, but now I couldn't even tell you the last time I peeked. It is fun to see that people still come around!

  4. See, fun huh? I'll have to give you a 'how-to' to pin point where people come from. I've got that one figured out. On statcounter, go to the "keyword analysis" link and that should tell you how people landed your blog by searching for things.

  5. Athena can make it hard to comment, but I'm here!

  6. In case you haven't noticed, I like to do several weeks' worth of commenting all at once. That way, the Blogger "ground cover" as Ky called it, wakes up to see 47 comment follow-up emails from me in their inboxes! I know how much people must love that.