Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I will take a little of that. NO. Well how about some of those? NO. What about...NO.

So I went to Subway to get a veggie sub for dinner and this is how it went down. (btw I went to an actual store...not a subway in a gas station)

Me: "I would like a veggie sub on monterey cheddar"
Subway Girl: "We are out of that. Actually ALL we have is wheat."
Me: "That is fine." (Funny thing it WAS fine, I get wheat 99.9% of the time. That is what I get for switching it up.)
SG: "What cheese?"
Me: "Provolone, please."
SG: "We are out of provolone."
Me: "American then."
SG: "Would you like the works?"
Me: "No I will take lettuce, tomato, pickles and black olives."
SG: "We are out of pickles and tomatoes."
Me: "Ok, just the lettuce and black olives and a few green peppers."
(sidenote: She then proceeds to put what looked like 2 pieces of lettuce on my veggie sub...why do they do that?!?! I get veggie subs alot and they always skimp on the lettuce. Bad form subway artists, bad form.)
Me: "May I have some more lettuce."
SG: "ok. Anything else?"
Me: "Parmesan cheese, and a little Italian dressing."
Wait for it....
SG: "We are out of italian dressing. I am sorry."
Me: "Some oil and vinegar then."

In the meantime the people behind me walked out after they heard everything that the store did not have. Quote "You have nothing - no bread, no cheese, no meat, no pickles, no business." I didn't care all that much, I actually felt could tell they were frustrated as well. But I did find it weird that a subway store was out of ALL the breads but wheat along with some other basic things. I mean if you wanted a sub on any bread other then wheat, with ham, provolone, tomato, pickles, onions, and Italian dressing.....well you would be shit out of luck my friends.


  1. it could be worse, i went there last week and they were out of COOKIES. the pain.

  2. wow. unbelievable! it's not like they are running some 4 star restaurant!

  3. This totally pisses me off. I also hate it how they try to gip you out of veggies when you are getting a VEGGIE sub! Uh, hello? It's all veggies, load em on!

  4. Hey man - the recession is clearly hitting everyone hard. Even Subway. ;-)

    Seriously, though - that's unacceptable.

  5. Conversely, I hate when you ask your sandwich artist for a tiny bit more mayo, and it results in a passive-aggressive shitstorm of mayonnaise all over your sandwich.

  6. TWIT: Holy crap! hahahaha!!!

    It's amazing, maybe I just have good luck with Subway, because I've never had this problem. I even have good luck and get the stores that carry spinach.

  7. I hope you got it toasted so you could make them go out of their way.

    Did you show up just before closing time?

  8. The no veggies on a veggie sub is ridiculous. Annoys me every time.

    Mickey D you would THINK it was right before closing, but no it was a little before 6:00 pm. And I thought about having them toast it and then was afraid they would burn it or something and then I wouldn't get a sub AT ALL.

    Twit - seriously. I will say ONE LINE of whatever sauce and they will still go crazy. I guess that is why they don't have the slogan Made YOUR way...because they don't believe in that know, not really.

    Hey Sad Panda, you know what you can do with your perfect subs and spinach.