Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dang It Sarah McLachlan

So we all know that commercial for the prevention of animal cruelty, BCSPCA, featuring Sarah McLachlan and her song Angel. That commercial gets me EVERY time, so I typically just fast forward or change the channel because if not the tears will pour out.

So today I am listening to the radio and next thing I know I hear the song Angel and I start tearing up. What the…. really Jenn?! Yeah, in my head I start seeing the abused dogs and cats and I start to loose it. I think they put some subliminal messages in there or something. So now are you telling me I can never hear that song without thinking of that commercial. I mean I LOVE Sarah and that song was so sweet, but now all I think of are those animals eyes (or eye) looking up at me asking for help and love.

Not Cool, Sarah. NOT COOL.

If you need me I will be in the bathroom...crying.

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  1. I just posted something about pets...OMG I have to change the channel every time that commercial comes on. I can't bear it. I want to save all of them!